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Inside Involta: Executive Spotlight Jim Buie

Involta recently added to its management team with the hiring of a new CFO, Jim Buie. Learn more about him and the role he will play at Involta in the interview below. 
This interview was recently published in the Corridor Business Journal in Iowa.


Innovation in Action: Changing the Game in Data Center Cooling

Each data center has an ecosystem all its own. Information technology equipment emits heat as it runs, but excessive heat and humidity could irrevocably damage the equipment assets – not to mention the important data stored within.

At Involta, we take every precaution to ensure our facilities operate with optimum heat and humidity levels, ensuring the safety and security of both equipment and data.

Proper airflow is critical to performance. That’s why we partnered with DuctSox®, the leading manufacturer of fabric HVAC air dispersion systems to find a better, more efficient way to improve airflow in our facilities.


Protecting IT Functions in Case of Disaster with Business Continuity Planning

What happens to a city’s emergency systems and other critical technology infrastructure in the case of a natural disaster?

Or a major utility or telecommunications outage?

The City of Akron – the fifth largest city in Ohio – needed a comprehensive strategy to ensure IT continuity of operations in a disaster situation. The strategy needed to be:

  • Cost-effective
  • Agreeable to internal and external stakeholders
  • Up to the demanding standards of the state auditors


The Healthcare Data Storage Dilemma

Headquartered in Ohio, one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in the state was grappling with challenging realities of modern healthcare, including:

  • Aging IT infrastructure
  • Double-digit annual growth in data storage needs due to increasing patient data digitalization
  • Intensifying threat of privacy breaches and data theft – and consequent need for high-level security and privacy protection
  • Need for data accessibility, storage management and synchronous replication
  • Limited resources to allocate to IT infrastructure and maintenance

End-to-End Network Security – Without Impacting User Productivity

When it comes to your corporate network, performance demands – and threat levels – have never been higher. 

Your network needs to be equipped for intrusion detection and prevention, malware defense, bring-your-own-device culture, remote users who may be using unsecured connections…the list goes on.

And all this needs to be accomplished without hindering the productivity of end users.


[The Vault] 2016 Year in Review

In this Issue:

  • Groundbreaking of Involta's Pittsburgh Data Center
  • Construction Update of Involta's Cleveland Data Center 
  • Involta Knows Healthcare
  • Top Industry Leaders Join Involta Management Team
  • DuctSox and Involta Collaborate to Design Effective, Energy-Efficient Cooling for Data Centers

Involta Announced New Data Center in Western Pennsylvania with UPMC as Anchor Tenant


Fast IT: Accelerate Your Business with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The increasing pace of business is driving the need to develop, test, and use new applications faster, more securely and with greater flexibility. As a result, IT leaders are pressured to scale, reduce costs, and develop fluid processes. 

That’s a big challenge.To solve for this, companies are moving to more flexible, virtualized, and scalable cloud-based IT models. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing service model that provides access to resources in a virtualized environment.The model offers scalable resources with the ability to modify on an as-needed basis.