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About Involta

Involta is an award winning national IT service provider and consulting firm. Involta helps organizations plan, manage and execute hybrid IT strategies using a broad range of services including colocation, cloud computing, managed IT, cybersecurity, fiber and network connectivity. Involta has industry-specific services for healthcare, manufacturing, finance and technology that enable compliance and IT transformation initiatives.

Involta maintains partnerships with top tier technology vendors and major public cloud providers such as Cisco, Veeam and Pure Storage and employs a large number of highly certified technical engineers dedicated to building reliable and secure solutions. Through innovative consulting engagements, Involta is able to utilize its unique resources and partnerships to deliver advanced hybrid IT solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of organizations while maintaining the Involta brand promise of Superior Infrastructure, Operational Excellence, and People Who Deliver. 

Six major IT expenses Involta can help you avoid:

  • Capital expenditures on IT infrastructure
  • Need to employ high-level expert IT staff available around the clock
  • Ongoing maintenance and 24/7/365 monitoring of IT infrastructure
  • Cost of security breach remediation
  • Long-term cost of compromised consumer trust after security breach
  • Opportunity cost of insufficient disaster recovery or business continuity planning (DR/BCP) capabilities – robust DR/BCP is now a basic entry requirement for doing business with many government agencies, Fortune 500 companies and other major clients

About Involta’s founding

Many of the Involta management team members have worked together as partners and coworkers for over 20 years.

The evolution of Involta began with the founding Technology Resources Company (TRC) in 1998. CoVault Technology was founded in early 2006 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Involta was formed in 2007 through the merger of Technology Resources Company and CoVault Technology, LLC. The combination of CoVault, the only colocation data center company in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor, with the data management expertise of TRC created a company that could both house and provide support for clients’ increasingly critical data infrastructure.

The combined companies provided both the physical facilities and technical expertise necessary to secure data and provide disaster recovery services for businesses’ critical data infrastructure.

Involta continues to expand. In 2015, the company acquired substantially all of the assets of Data Recovery Services, LLC (DRS), a managed-services and IT consulting firm operating in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Acquired assets included more than 6,500 fiber route miles in Ohio and western Pennsylvania, and two Youngstown-based data centers owned and operated by DRS. Other acquisitions include Kadium, in 2018, which expanded the Involta Hybrid Cloud technology, managed services, and cloud consulting services. BluPraire, also acquired in 2018, helps organizations leverage new technology to enable business outcomes. Involta is now offering a full suite of cloud services, from ideation and strategic planning to enterprise and solution architecture, as well as consulting services for business process improvement and organizational change management.

With minimal overlap in service offerings and territory, the agreement leveraged the capacities and strengths of both companies to better serve mid-market and enterprise clients with world-class IT infrastructure and intelligence.

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White paper  How to Prep for an IT Move Download Now
White paper  How to Prep for an IT Move Download Now

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