Involta Cares

We Have the Bandwidth to Help Our Communities

We believe technology is more than just towers of servers, cables and computers. It’s an intricate fabric that touches us all, brings us together and has vast potential to drive positive change.

We Give Back

Beyond providing world-class enterprise IT solutions, the Involta team has a deep passion for putting good into the world. We are committed to leveraging our time, talents and expertise to help ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

What started with the launch of a single event in 2010 has turned into a movement that is a core part of our unique company culture. The Involta Cares program reflects our passion and commitment to driving positive change across our vast network.

Best Christmas Ever

Best Christmas Ever

Involtans raised more than $13,000 to help a family in Duluth, Minnesota, have the Best Christmas Ever.

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Boise Idaho- Food Bank Sept 22

The Idaho Foodbank

Involta contributed to 1,500 families receiving food packages from The Idaho Foodbank.

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Logo INV Operation Linking Loved Ones

Operation: Linking Loved Ones

At the height of the pandemic, Involta spearheaded Operation: Linking Loved Ones to help residents of long-term care facilities communicate virtually with loved ones who could not visit.

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Cornerstone Involta Cares Events and Initiatives

From the Southwest to the Midwest to the Northeast, we serve multiple enterprise markets across the U.S. Throughout the year, we host and participate in several key events and activities to give back — to build and strengthen relationships in the communities we serve and inspire the tech leaders of tomorrow.

Cinco de Mayo Golf Outing

Join Our Team of People Who Deliver