Becoming A Sustainable Leader in Technology

Sustainable technology practices matter.

Writing Our Own Roadmap for Sustainability

Back when Involta was founded in 2007, there was no roadmap for reducing carbon emissions. There was no path toward a greener data center. Instead, forward-looking tech companies that understood the importance of sustainability made incremental, everyday improvements that focused on energy efficiency and conscious business emissions that moved companies toward zero emissions.

Using this foundation, Involta leadership guided our developmental strategy toward environmental health initiatives, employee health, happiness and well-being and the highest standards of ethics.

Today, we’re a privately-held company whose overall strategy is guided by a dedicated Board of Directors. Our Board also oversees our ESG initiatives and performance and is continually helping us improve and grow.

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Involta At a Glance


Data centers managed

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Network of fiber miles


Professionals employed, 21% of whom are female professionals


Safety incidents

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per 1kWh

Water usage effectiveness

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Percentage carbon-free energy

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Data processing capacity under managagement


Average data center Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)



Internal data storage capacity under managerment

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