• What Customers Say About Involta

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At Involta, we work incredibly hard to provide our clients with the absolute best data center and IT managed services. We are always striving to go above and beyond to help stabilize and help you grow. Here is what some of our clients are saying about us.

Involta’s Backup-as-a-service has allowed Kent Corporation to achieve data and system level recovery that we would never be able to accomplish with a tape system and at a fraction of the cost and complexity. It has enabled huge leaps forward in our disaster recovery capabilities and recovery time objectives.

Mark Clark, Director, IT Development and Operations, Kent Corporation

The major benefit is reliability. Our website is always up.

Jeff McCauley, VP at Container and Packaging Supply

It’s hard to believe that when we started on our venture into the Internet in the early 90s the first version of our product was one server under someone’s desk here. We quickly understood that we needed to reach out to a colocation vendor.

SolutionPro (Involta) is there when we need them.

Neal Benz, Chief Technology Officer at Healthwise

Involta is our Data Center, they are our Network Operations Center, they are our server for our managed servers, they simplified our life, lowered our costs, and helped us get a better handle on our IT infrastructure. We have been with them for 2 years and it has been a very good working relationship.

This is Involta’s core business... we rely on them to worry about communications, power, security, and managed services. Dual Feed Power, Dual Feed Communications, hardened Data Center, managed services, and Network Operations Center, that is Involta’s Core Competency.

Todd Fedoruk, IT Director at ASARCO

I find the term “business partner” grossly overused in our industry but in the case of Involta it is as close to a true partnership than you will find anywhere else. Involta is a results-oriented, flexible company willing to work on the solutions that matter most to our company. No high-pressure sales, rather a focus on delivering results. We find a great deal of value in the services Involta brings to our organization.

A Global Media Enterprise

Involta has provided trustworthy, efficient and professional service to our bank. The final hardbound evaluation presented to the bank possesses a wealth of information. Involta has been able to communicate verbally and in written form both technical and non-technical information in an understandable fashion.

This is my first "testimonial" letter in 22 years of banking..., what started as "another" audit has concluded with considerable improvements within our hands-on bank operations. GLB compliance, a written Information Security Plan, enhanced network security and a trusted on going IT partner highlight what Involta means to our bank.

A State Savings Bank