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Top 10 Cloud Myths and the Importance of a Cloud Strategy

During our recent Involta AWS Immersion Day event, Involta’s Chief Innovation Officer Michelle Bates presented on the importance of having a cloud strategy, but mentioned that there are some misconceptions and myths around the value of cloud. Getting over the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt...aka “FUD”


Attack Surface for Healthcare IT

Close the Refrigerator Door!”  OR “Were you Born in a Barn!

Neither phrase seems to make you an IT expert and maybe you’ve heard those phrases a time or two before technology even came on the scene, from your Dad or Mom as you looked for that perfect leftover.


Five Challenges Healthcare IT Faces


Now, more than ever, the healthcare industry is facing significant challenges in respect to IT infrastructure. 

Below is a brief list of what Involta's Chief Security Officer thinks should be top of mind for anyone in healthcare IT. 


Have You Heard About DRaaS?

Have you heard about DRaaS? It’s the first real game changing technology that has hit the market in the last 15 years. 

Below are two examples of how Involta has used DRaaS to improve both the efficiency and cost of clients’ disaster recovery plans.


Virtualization Trends - An Interview with an Expert

The Interview: Joe Ross, Involta Sales Engineer

The Topic: Virtualization Trends

Virtualization has had a big impact on disaster recovery trends, hasn't it? Absolutely. The industry has gone from physical to virtual and now from virtual to automated virtualization. With each change came a new way of planning and opened the door for companies of different sizes to have robust DR plans for their entire IT infrastructure.


Disaster Recovery: Past, Present and Future

Last year was the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. It would be easy to say that nuclear disasters wouldn’t happen near your business but the reality is this disaster was the result of human error, which occurs in all industries and businesses. Chernobyl was and remains a dramatic and impactful example of a disaster that can have long-lasting effects. However, in recent years, the diversity of incident types that can lead to disasters has changed enormously. Therefore, the need to plan, prepare, and practice has added significance.


This Is Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Business Continuity Planning

Maybe you’ve been meaning to think about BCP (Business Continuity Planning). Someday.

After the winter board meeting.

After the product launch.

After you cross the last item off your never-ending to-do list.

The thing is, you can’t afford to wait that long. Because your BCP – or lack thereof – has a direct impact on your bottom line.


Virtualization Uncovered: What Is It and How Can It Slash Your IT Costs?

Virtualization is a current IT trend. Many companies are “virtualizing their infrastructure” – what exactly does that mean?

A first time visitor to a data center will first notice the rows upon rows of computers. Big machines, little machines, in between machines but hundreds or thousands of machines!  Most of the machines are in racks, some stand by themselves, but either way you experience a bewildering array of machines. The machines are physical - meaning that you could kick them…not a good idea, but you could physically harm them.