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Strengthening Healthcare Cybersecurity With Secure Virtual Environments

In our increasingly tech-forward world, security and compliance should be top of mind in every industry. The healthcare sector is no exception. In fact, strengthening healthcare cybersecurity is essential. Protecting data privacy, ensuring environments are secure and maintaining compliance is more critical than ever before. Protected health information (PHI) is just as valuable – if not more so – than personal financial information. Keeping this data secure is required by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), but many healthcare organizations lag behind when it comes to IT security.


Enabling Hybrid Cloud Connectivity - Introducing Hyperscale Connect

The cloud isn’t a new concept anymore. It’s been around for years and in many ways, it has revolutionized the way we all do business. It’s no longer "nice" or "convenient" to have fast, secure and immediate access to the data you need. It’s essential.

Companies like Microsoft, Google and AWS have played key roles in advancing cloud infrastructure. By constantly testing, experimenting and expanding the possibilities of cloud computing, they’ve paved the way for more businesses to move forward with a digital-first approach.


Top 5 Features of a Quality Cloud Provider

Do you know where your cloud is?

Picking the right cloud provider is a crucial element in a company's overall infrastructure plan. Recently, some big name providers have been realigning their service offerings and doing away with cloud as a service. These realignments are leaving some companies questioning the reliability of their cloud provider. If you are planning a move to the cloud, consider the following to be the most important things to look at in a cloud service provider.


Public Vs. Private Cloud – Which is Right for You? [White Paper]

The Tricky Cloud Question Every Business MUST Ask.

Public cloud or private cloud – which is right for you?

It’s a tricky question. Especially because, for some, the concept of “the cloud” itself is still rather hard to grasp. No pun intended.

So what is the difference between public and private cloud, anyway?

How do you weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each?

Which one is best for your business?

Choose carefully….


Preventing Privacy Breaches: 9 Critical Steps

When it comes to data, you often hear the words “privacy” and “security” spoken in a single phrase. But the truth is, data privacy and security are different, and require distinct actions to maintain.

Too many people take the head-in-sand approach to privacy, relying solely upon security practices to safeguard confidential information.


3 Ways Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cures Your IT Headaches

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) breaks the IT spending model paradigm. IaaS saves money, offers unprecedented peace of mind, and clears the road for innovation because it removes the need to purchase, maintain, monitor, protect and upgrade the physical infrastructure needed for critical operations.

It’s not like Mom used to say: With IaaS you buy the milk – and let someone else deal with the cow. IaaS eliminates three chronic headaches that hamper or limit IT departments and organizations.