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Top 5 Features of a Quality Cloud Provider

Do you know where your cloud is?

Picking the right cloud provider is a crucial element in a company's overall infrastructure plan. Recently, some big name providers have been realigning their service offerings and doing away with cloud as a service. These realignments are leaving some companies questioning the reliability of their cloud provider. If you are planning a move to the cloud, consider the following to be the most important things to look at in a cloud service provider.


Buy or Build? Beware “Invisible” Costs of Private Data Centers [White Paper]

Data and technology are essential – but expensive – components of any modern enterprise.

With the proliferation of data, the complexity of privacy and security regulations, and the ever-growing number of high-profile data breaches making headlines (and giving CIOs nightmares), building a private data center may seem like a logical IT solution for your enterprise.

The advantages of a data center compared to an ad hoc facility are numerous:


Streamline Your IT with ITIL: Three Pillars You Need [White Paper]

How do you get out of reactive mode?

How do you align technology to the business to enhance organizational clarity, security and customer outcomes?

How do you align IT resources and priorities?

How do you effectively value – and communicate the value of – your services?

These are the kinds of questions that keep people in enterprise IT up at night.

In Involta’s experience, these questions have a three-pillar answer.


9 Critical Steps to Prep for an IT Migration [White Paper]

When it comes to your business data and IT, nothing should be undertaken lightly - including
moving to a cloud or managed IT services provider. 

If you fail to take these nine vital preparation steps when getting ready to make an IT move, you aren’t just putting a whole lot of trust in a new external provider. You’re exposing valuable business data – and potentially the functioning of your entire IT infrastructure – to unacceptable risk.


Public Vs. Private Cloud – Which is Right for You? [White Paper]

The Tricky Cloud Question Every Business MUST Ask.

Public cloud or private cloud – which is right for you?

It’s a tricky question. Especially because, for some, the concept of “the cloud” itself is still rather hard to grasp. No pun intended.

So what is the difference between public and private cloud, anyway?

How do you weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each?

Which one is best for your business?

Choose carefully….