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Director of ServiceNow Solutions

Any Location, U.S.

The Director of ServiceNow Solutions will be the InvoltaOne technical lead / technical project manager for all ServiceNow solutions and manage all of the InvoltaOne ServiceNow technical resources both internal and external.

This is a full-time position that can be located at any Involta facility (Boise, ID, Duluth, MN, Tucson, AZ, Cedar Rapids, IA, Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, OH, Freeport, PA).

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Hire and Manage all InvoltaOne / ServiceNow technical resources both internal W2s and external resources as required
  • Work with the Involta sales team and prospective clients during InvoltaOne / ServiceNow sales cycles to explain potential solutions, complete demos and other pre-sales actives as required
  • Manage and assist other InvoltaOne technical resources to support the sales team and prospective clients as may be required
  • Setup and Manage the InvoltaOne Separated Domains on the Involta Domain Separated Instance to include Dev, Test, all InvoltaOne production and other InvoltaOne domains
  • Develop and Manage Quick Start Update Sets as required
  • Work with Involta Product Managers as may be required
  • Lead / Support IT and Business Assessments for InvoltaOne / ServiceNow prospects and clients
  • Create InvoltaOne / ServiceNow technology roadmaps as required
  • Architect and document new InvoltaOne / ServiceNow solutions as required
  • Create detailed agile project plans for InvoltaOne / ServiceNow solutions
  • Project direct and supervisory Project Management
  • Work with the Involta Project Managers as may be required
  • Work with and support InvoltaOne / ServiceNow Partners

The above statements cover what are generally believed to be the principal and essential functions of this job. Specific circumstances may allow or require some people assigned to the job to perform a somewhat different combination of duties.

Education and Experience

  • Proven and Referenceable ServiceNow Consulting and Implementation Experience
  • Proven and Referenceable technical Project Management Experience
  • Proven and Referenceable Supervisory Experience
  • Full understanding and experience implementing the following ServiceNow applications:
    • IT Service Management
    • Customer Service Management
    • IT Operations Management
    • Hybrid Cloud Management
    • Security Operations Console
    • Customer Facing Portals
    • HR
    • GRC
    • Project Management
    • Performance Analytics
    • Business Management
    • The Now Platform
  •  B.S. degree in Computer Science, MIS or equivalent preferred
  • All ServiceNow Certifications as appropriate to fulfill the requirements of this job or the desire and ability to quickly obtain these certifications

Technical Knowledge

  • Understanding of and Experience with Agile Development
  • Understanding of and Experience with VMWare, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud
  • Knowledge of other ITSM tools sets
  • Knowledge of IT Operations Monitoring Tools
  • Knowledge of SOC Tools
  • Knowledge of and Experience with Java Script
  • Knowledge of and Experience with REST APIs
  • Knowledge of and Experience with SOAP
  • Ability to work with a Macbook Pro

Interpersonal Skills

  • Excellent communications skills
  • Excellent technical and business writing skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced work environment

Travel Requirements

  • Ability to travel 25% - 40% of the time

Information Security

The security of company, customer and client business information is vital to the interests, reputation, and success of Involta Critical Infrastructure. Violating the trust relationship among the organization, its clients, its vendors, and employees can be damaging beyond repair. If you are contacted by any person or organization and asked to supply information, refer the request to your manager or the President.

To protect Involta, LLC legitimate interests, it is necessary that you maintain the security of information, which includes data and any other information not generally available to the public. All customer and client information is to be regarded as subject to information security guidelines that must be applied at all times. If you take action that compromises information security, you are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Involta, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer