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    Agility and Freedom in Your Growing Cloud Estate

Involta Cloud PlatformSM

The cloud helps companies drive huge savings in time and costs. But the cloud also introduces a new set of challenges: multi-cloud vendor management, management of consumption, and new security and compliance concerns.

Having the right programs and apps in place on the right cloud platform – public, private, or hybrid – at the right time is essential, but it is an investment for your company. Involta Cloud PlatformSM gives teams more control over their IT infrastructure, with streamlined functionality to monitor costs, cloud resources, performance analytics, and more. With Involta Cloud PlatformSM, you’re in control.

INV_Cloud-Platform-Graphic (1)Designed to integrate leading cloud service providers.

IT teams need ways to provide support for all cloud technology stack layers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.) and be able to orchestrate capabilities across all of them in order to deliver resilient, scalable, high performing virtual resources.

The Involta Cloud PlatformSM was designed to empower IT departments. It gives teams the freedom they need to transform legacy IT processes into powerful tools that help businesses operate effectively, manage costs efficiently, and grow exponentially.ICPMonitoringPage-01An easy-to-use dashboard simplifies cloud management tasks.

Optimize Your Cloud Budget

The Involta Cloud PlatformSM powered by Morpheus provides organizations with access to a rich set of capabilities that will grow across an entire cloud estate; public, private, and hybrid. These capabilities allow teams to combine multiple cloud platforms, so they can act as fast and as agile as new startups without having to throw away any existing investments. Optimizing your cloud budget creates opportunities for strategic growth.

For agility and freedom in growing your investment in the cloud, trust Involta and the Involta Cloud PlatformSM.

A Comprehensive Cloud Management Solution

OrchestrationINV_OrchestrationOrchestration is powered by automation, helping IT departments preserve the agility and self-service model of the cloud while allowing them to retain control.

TransformationINV_TransformationTransformation services help organizations get into the cloud quickly and efficiently, whether that involves net-new application deployments, refactoring/modernizing, or lift-and-shift.

OptimizationINV_OptimizationOptimization ensures that cloud benefits are immediately realized by focusing on cost monitoring and metering, consumption management and cost optimization, and remediation.

INV_GovernanceRapid Cloud Governance Assessment through the control of people, processes, tools, and technology provides a quick assessment of all your cloud service usage and settings for rapid risk assessment. In addition, this eliminates elevated costs from unplanned work and shadow IT.

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