• Expert fiber construction at every scale.

Fiber Construction Services

In order to make fiber work for your business, the fiber has to connect to the world. Terminating your fiber at an Involta data center provides for critical backup services, such as redundant power systems, redundant climate control, high security and 24/7/365 coverage. Expand your IT network easily by utilizing Involta’s extensive fiber network.

Some Involta data centers function as carrier hotels, providing a point-of-presence (POP) for multiple data and broadband carriers. Point-of-presence along the fiber optic network can also serve as a warm disaster-recovery site for Involta clients.

Key features:

  • Value-priced broadband access
  • Low utility costs
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Critical support capabilities

Fiber Capabilities

Whether you are a carrier needing 400 miles of fiber construction, or a client needing fiber to a warehouse down the street, Involta is up to the task.

We have been building fiber plants for more than ten years, including All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) fiber (common in fiber-to-the-premises systems), fiber interconnects, system upgrades and new system construction.

Involta’s fiber teams are consistently recognized as among the highest quality in the industry, due to extensive experience, thorough training programs, stringent hiring practices, a culture of safety and formalized quality control programs.

Our engineers have demonstrated expertise in all segments of the telecommunications industry, including design, engineering, construction and operations of fiber optic networks in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Aerial capabilities:

  • Modified turnkey or labor-only projects, large and small – from five miles to 5,000 miles
  • Strand installation
  • Lashing fiber, coaxial, twisted pair
  • ADSS fiber installation (where all dielectric installations are required)
  • Plant extensions
  • Plant maintenance, including pole transfers and repair of broken lashing wire
  • Highway, interstate, river and railroad crossings
  • Wreckout

Underground capabilities:

  • Turnkey, modified turnkey or labor-only projects, large and small
  • Trenching cable, fiber, or conduit up to 66 inches deep
  • Plowing cable, fiber, or conduit up to 60 inches deep
  • Directional and pneumatic boring
  • Blow or pull cable inner duct into new or existing conduit
  • Complete restoration

Proof of performance testing:

  • Aural carrier frequency offset
  • Visual carrier level
  • 24-hour test
  • Aural carrier level
  • In-channel response
  • Visual C/N
  • Coherent disturbances
  • Terminal isolation
  • Hum and repetitive transients

Fiber splicing and testing:

Involta performs fiber optic fusion splicing (loose tube or ribbon). Involta technicians conduct bi-directional OTDR (optical time domain reflector) and power testing to ensure splices are clean and meeting critical performance criteria.

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