Involta Boise, Idaho Data Centers Withstand 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Unharmed


CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – Involta, LLC, an industry-leading managed IT, cloud computing, and data center services company, is pleased to report that all employees and infrastructure at its two Boise, Idaho data center locations are safe and unharmed in the wake of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that struck the Challis National Forest at approximately 6:00 PM on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

“Safety of our employees and the critical infrastructure we support for clients throughout Treasure Valley is paramount,” said Bruce Lehrman, Involta CEO. “We’re pleased to share that our structural engineer has given the ‘all clear’ and that we did not experience damage. Given the support we lend to the healthcare community in Boise, the news could not have been better given our current state of affairs with COVID-19.”

Tuesday’s earthquake marks the strongest earthquake in the area since the 1980s. Involta’s data centers are located approximately 80 miles from the epicenter. The 6.5 magnitude of the earthquake, and the associated peak ground acceleration, meant the potential impact was only approximately 25% of Involta’s primary data center’s design threshold – it can withstand even more severe seismic activity without sustaining damage.

Involta’s Superior Infrastructure design and build protocol ensures data centers are built to withstand natural disasters specific to each regional market. Part of Involta’s site selection process involves a comprehensive risk assessment unique to each location. Given the location in Boise, and the elevated risk for seismic activities in the region, the structural design of the Boise Data Center followed the Seismic Design Category D criteria for the protection of critical infrastructure. The facility was designed and built to withstand seismic activity, using stable yet flexible structural materials that allow the facility to shift as needed during an earthquake without risking critical infrastructure.

International Seismic Application Technologies provides that Seismic Design Category D corresponds to buildings and structures in areas expected to experience severe and destructive ground shaking but that are not located close to the major fault.

“Involta data centers incorporate elements designed to decrease impacts from natural and manmade disasters unique to each location,” continued Lehrman. “One thing remains constant: the safety and protection of our employees, clients, and critical assets is always our primary focus.”

Involta anticipates the region will feel aftershocks for the next week and will continue to monitor the situation as it progresses. Clients will be notified of any activity or impact that warrants further attention. In the meantime, Involta remains committed to working with the local civic and business communities to respond with support as needed.

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