Involta Celebrates a Year of Growth as Colocating Data Becomes Mainstream


The opening of the 26,000+ square-foot data center in Duluth is just one highlight on a long list of accomplishments that sets 2012 apart as a major growth year for Involta, a preeminent provider of colocation data center facilities and technology services in the nation.

The year of progress began in January when Involta acquired the assets of SolutionPro, a data center and managed-services provider located in Boise, Idaho.

In June, Involta celebrated the grand opening of a new, a state-of-the-art 26,000 square-foot data center in Akron, Ohio. The Duluth and Akron facilities are both built to achieve LEED Certification, will be audited to SSAE16 operational standards, and are mirror images of one another in design.

And, growth is not slowing.

Involta plans its next grand opening of a 38,000 square-foot colocation data center in Tucson, Arizona in early 2013. Plans are also in place to build an additional concurrently maintainable facility in Boise in the near future. “Even with rapid growth, Involta has maintained a strong financial position.

Involta’s growth has been largely driven by our strong customer relationships and supported by our solid ITIL processes,” said Jeff Quint, Involta Chief Financial Officer.

“The idea of colocating data has become a mainstream practice for businesses across the nation in the last 18 months,” said Bruce Lehrman, Involta CEO. “Building and maintaining a separate, stand-alone data center is very costly. By colocating with other businesses, business leaders can realize the advantages of an advanced data center while actually cutting operating costs. Use of Involta’s data centers allows business leaders to focus on their core business rather than a complex infrastructure and facility issues.”

All of Involta’s data centers are concurrently maintainable, multi-tenant facilities offering fully redundant power, cooling and connectivity along with multi-tiered security, 24/7/365 NOC operations and ITIL driven operations.

Involta builds its facilities to exceed commonly accepted industry standards for colocation. Its mission is to provide Superior Facilities, combined with Operational Excellence, supported by People Who Deliver.

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