Involta Celebrates Earth Day With Planting Forward to Replace Trees Lost in the 2020 Derecho Storm


Involta, an industry-leading hybrid IT, cloud computing, and data center services company, is proud to take part in Planting Forward, a project that replaces trees damaged or destroyed in the August 2020 derecho storm that swept through Iowa and parts of the Midwest. The initiative, brought to life by Linn County businesses and the Monarch Research Group, a non-profit organization, replants native Iowa trees and educates the community about their importance.

Involta, headquartered in Iowa with award-winning facilities across the Midwest, is committed to helping replace the 65% loss of trees amid the derecho devastation. Involta employees in Cedar Rapids and Marion, many of whom were impacted by this storm, had the opportunity to pick up to three native trees and shrubs provided by Involta for their home landscape or donate them to others. Engagement in the Planting Forward effort will help increase environmental awareness while offering a team-building opportunity to celebrate both the local community and Earth Day. 

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“Last year’s derecho was the most economically devastating storm of its kind that this country has seen. With billions of dollars in damage, weeks without power, and loss of agriculture, homes, and precious life, the impact of this storm will be felt for years to come,” said Bruce Lehrman, Founder and CEO of Involta. “Many may not realize that over half of the trees in Cedar Rapids alone were damaged or destroyed, and the significance of that loss to our ecosystem is devastating. As a company committed to the environment and the communities we serve, participating in Planting Forward means taking a great leap forward in rebuilding. We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative that is close to our hearts and helps the community recover from the derecho’s significant environmental destruction.”

Through Planting Forward, Involta will continue its ongoing efforts to support the community and its employees and customers in the wake of the derecho. From bringing essential supplies to coworkers who were dealing with damage to their homes to volunteering at the Iowa Derecho Relief Center, Involta employees went above and beyond to show their #IowaStrong mentality and unwavering support for the community and each other. As volunteers, Involta team members worked tirelessly to survey needs, unpack and sort donations, and direct people to the right places so they could get the proper help needed. When it came to helping one another, the Involta team jumped right in and provided work schedule coverage to colleagues attending to the significant damage to their properties and belongings. The company has also joined efforts after previous catastrophic weather events, including the devastating floods in Iowa in 2008.

As disaster recovery experts, Involta’s continued availability helped dozens of regional businesses get back up and running within hours. Companies that had a robust disaster recovery plan supported by Involta were able to minimize the storm’s impact. Involta’s disaster recovery planning in relation to power, structural integrity, and more held strong, providing the accessibility required to power through the disruptions, which avoided downtime and allowed businesses to continue operations. Additionally, the company provided other organizations with workstations, network connectivity, computers, and phone lines while their primary work locations were not operational.

For more information about Planting Forward, click here.

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