Organizational Change Management​

Technology May Not Be Your Biggest Challenge

A big part of implementing new technology and transforming processes is getting all your people on the same page. We’ll work closely with your project team to help prime your business for change by developing and executing a change management plan that creates transparency and acceptance during and after migration.

Preparing for change

Preparing for change

Our staff is certified in change management practices designed to take the fear and uncertainty out of moving to a hybrid cloud environment. We work with teams to identify key stakeholders and keep them informed and involved, so they clearly understand the impact of decisions. We’ll also establish KPIs that all agree on as measures of success.

Managing change

We’ll oversee the development of a change management plan that includes guidance for all change management deliverables. That includes message content and the cadence of communications, plus activities your training lead and internal champions can use to engage stakeholders, from strategy development through design and build.

Sustaining change

You know better than to think that a hybrid cloud launch is a “one and done” event. As part of our engagement, we’ll define a post-implementation schedule, measure success to date and train your team to be agents of change. We’ll create a framework for sustained change, directed by metrics and feedback exposing unforeseen barriers, that you can use to implement corrective actions as your business and the cloud evolves.

Change management and business goals

Change management and business goals

IT transformation forces cultural transformation. With proper organizational change management, you can create a business that attracts top talent by offering opportunities for employees to work smarter and develop career-advancing skills. Better business operations improve customer experiences. Together with the right plans and guidance, the synergy of people, process and technology can position your business to meet and exceed objectives.

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