Portfolio Assessment

Lower current and future state TCO

Our Portfolio Assessment methodology is a formula for putting each workload on the best platform for optimal application performance and lower TCO, whether you are distributing one or hundreds of applications to on-premises, public or Involta’s colocation cloud environments.

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Invest to save

Invest to save

We’ll uncover hidden costs, identify technical/business dependencies and project when the transition from a CapEx to OpEx model tips the ROI to your favor. You can do it right, or you can incur technical debt that eventually catches up with you.

Portfolio Assessment creates multiple views of ITFM systems

  • Provides insight into current OpEx and CapEx spending
  • Identifies most cost-effective platform for workloads/applications
  • Highlights shadow IT spend and/or business cost buried in IT
  • Allows for Gartner benchmarking (% revenue to IT spend)
  • Translates spending from financial view to technical view to business view
  • Supports future state spending (TCO) aligned to technology roadmap

Vendor assessment

Are you realizing the most value from each vendor relationship? Is moving to a SaaS model truly advantageous? We review agreements and build those costs into our assessment and can evaluate vendor RFPs as well as your internal “charge back” model to calculate the expense of a given business unit’s application usage.

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Shared responsibility in your journey

Your IT stack will evolve as your journey progresses. Keeping security and compliance and your business drivers in mind, we’ll show you how the balance of colocation, hosting and IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and other services can result in higher business value.

Creating predictable, consistent costs for IT

Companies in the early stage of digital transformation and hybrid cloud migration inherently are unsure about the financial implications. We ground the “what’s it going to cost” discussion for your investment into change, the timing of each step in your transformation and how shifting to an OpEx strategy can help you better manage expenses.

What are you going to get?

  • Financial addendum to the Strategy White Paper
  • Current state/future state TCO comparison
  • Gartner benchmarks and other key metrics
  • Findings and recommendations
  • Strategy implementation costs
  • Financial slides for the Executive Summary deck
  • Financial model detail
  • Contract review & summary
  • Review Ts & Cs for major contracts to identify things to consider when moving to the cloud
  • Chargeback or showback recommendations

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