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Changing the way people work calls for cultural change management as much as technical implementation. Unforeseen issues with products are almost inevitably part of IT transformation. Our Product Optimization service offers a structured approach to knocking down barriers to sustained change and gets you on the path to positive ROI from your investment.

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We’ll meet you at any point in your journey

We’ll meet you at any point in your journey

Companies often take a DIY approach to implementing new software solutions, only to find themselves “stuck” at a point in the process, unable to move change forward. We’re ready to engage at any stage and get you “unstuck,” whether you need to revitalize an existing project or give a new project the push it needs to cross the chasm to adoption.

First, a reality check

We start with a Service Design exercise in which we identify and document the resource constraints and technology requirements of stakeholders. We use a variety of tools to collect employee data and pinpoint process gaps and prioritized actions to enable the future state. With a clear picture of what is expected vs. the current state, we can establish consensus on the type and timing of new behaviors and clearly communicate the go-forward plan.

Making change happen

Once you know the direction to pivot, our PROSCI-certified change managers and technical implementation teams develop workstreams that address training, retaining, and even refiguring the applications that enable continuous and sustained change at individual, team and organizational scale. It’s an interactive process that often includes “teach-backs” with super users to dive deep into application use, and sometimes expose the workarounds people naturally develop to get their jobs done.

Boosting value from your tools

How do we measure success? There are tangible and intangible answers. Success can be getting your project finished on time, elevating skills which in turn increases the impact knowledge workers have on their internal and “customers.”

There also are systematic metrics that prove the increased value you are realizing from your technology investment. For example, you could see significant increase in the use of capabilities that applications offer, such as collaboration tools which elevate productivity or unified communications technologies that drive down operational costs.

The people part of IT transformation

CloudOps Workshops

Many organizations have trouble effectively operating in the cloud. Alleviate the risk and streamline the experience by engaging Involta to lead a CloudOps Workshop with your team. This powerful consulting tool empowers customers to more easily design the building blocks of their durable cloud operating model, whether it is a public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid solution. It prepares your organization to support applications hosted in the cloud in a cost effective, reliable, and secure manner.

Our workshop provides two options, whether you are a small to mid-sized business or enterprise business, we have a workshop right-sized for your business. To learn more about Involta’s CloudOps Workshop contact us today. 

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The people part of IT transformation

The people part of IT transformation

Application developers do their best, but accurately imagining every aspect of the user experience is virtually impossible. It’s why Agile and similar software development methodologies came to exist. We bring discovery, agility and Lean practices to work through issues, with a focus on what people need to get the most from new products now and long after our service ends.

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