Involta takes great pride in our highly-secure data centers. We’ve spent years developing our extensive expertise in data center operations and services, and we provide the most redundant protection out there for your information. We know how hard you work for the data you obtain. It is imperative for us to keep it safe for you and provide additional managed services that allow you to focus on your core business. Why not keep it all under one secure roof? Allow us to do the heavy lifting.

Our colocation data centers offer a variety of power, network and security options, as well as the option for you to use whatever cabinet best suits your needs in your private or multi-tenant cage.


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When you place your trust in Involta, you get more than a data center. You get a highly-certified facility run by a qualified team of technology experts. We continually strive to improve our operations, making them more energy efficient, secure and useful to our clients. Involta has received the following certifications regarding our state-of-the art facilities:

Uptime Akron II
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Colocation in Action: Packet of 4 Case Studies

See how a SaaS company, a health system, a city and a managed IT company deployed
colocation solutions to improve capacity and avoid major capital expenditures.

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