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    Automate your cloud infrastructure in a single pane of glass.

Involta Hybrid Cloud

Business moves fast and when something needs doing, we want it done now. Advancements in technology have given us more control, and we’ve come to expect instantaneous results.

There are so many choices when it comes to the cloud - do you want to utilize the public cloud, private cloud or a combination of both? As your technology partner, Involta created a solution to overcome your challenges. Involta Hybrid Cloud (IHC) is an easy-to-use portal that simplifies managing your hybrid cloud investment and provides management of your cloud infrastructure in one single pane of glass. 

The value of Involta Hybrid Cloud:

  • Improves processes to allow a single person to manage all IaaS and resources through a simple interface
  • Provides an opportunity for a company to standardize its infrastructure and templates
  • Delivers a common monitoring platform relative to a company’s public and private cloud
  • Removes the manual labor that inhibits a company’s ability to innovate
  • Maintains a company’s security standards throughout its internal and external cloud platforms
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Many companies today experience a cloud provisioning request process similar to the following:
Involta_IHC_FlowCharts-01 (2)In this example, the request from the user must be fulfilled by one or more skilled IT staff that habitually have a variety of requests for multiple users, and therefore characteristically have slow turnaround times to complete the requests. Add to this another set of requests for configuring monitoring, patching, anti-virus, backup and security to the previously provisioned resources and a simple request for a test or development server turns into a constant waiting game. And it isn’t that the IT staff doesn’t want to turn these requests around quicker, it is that they are dealing with pain points that also include different user interfaces (UI) and functionality across the vCloud Director, vCenter, Public Cloud and supporting platforms.

These challenges are a thing of the past with Involta Hybrid Cloud. This single pane of glass interface adds standardization, governance and automation around the management of companies' cloud infrastructure. In order to help companies regardless of where they are on their cloud journey, Involta Hybrid Cloud comes in two levels – STANDARD and ENTERPRISE.
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Involta Hybrid Cloud - STANDARD provides self-service Day 1 provisioning and Day 2 change capability through a single standardized UI for all cloud platforms. It leverages existing VMware infrastructure or provisions on Involta CompliantCloud℠, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform with a quick and easy onboarding and setup process.

Involta_IHC_FlowCharts-03 (1)Involta Hybrid Cloud - ENTERPRISE provides the foundation that STANDARD offers with a more customized approach. ENTERPRISE streamlines monthly billing, delivers cloud governance, custom group/user access and tailored security with custom application blueprints. An Involta Cloud Technology workshop is included in ENTERPRISE for consulting, design and setup of advanced functionality.

Which Involta Hybrid Cloud level is right for you?

Involta Hybrid Cloud STANDARD

  • Fast and simple – onboarding can take place in the same day
  • Automation with the hybrid cloud
  • No consulting is requested

Involta Hybrid Cloud ENTERPRISE

  • For organizations that need advanced features and cloud governance capabilities
  • Take full advantage of the power of VMware automation
  • Tailored consulting, design and deployment engagement included

Involta Hybrid Cloud in Action

Involta Hybrid Cloud can have a positive impact on your ROI when it comes to IT automation. Check out the example client below who tapped into these services and the effect it had on their bottom line.

Example Client: This organization had an initiative to automate its IT infrastructure that governed the delivery of the multi-cloud and application services. The following key ROI measurements were seen over a five-year period.



To learn more about the methodology behind these calculations and how Involta Hybrid Cloud can help overcome your businesses' challenges, download the ROI Calculator Methodology.

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