Technology Partnerships Deliver Better Outcomes in Healthcare

Involta knows healthcare and technology, and we understand the IT challenges you face. That’s why we prioritize security in all our services. We provide innovative healthcare cybersecurity solutions and healthcare data center services that support platforms for Precision Medicine, PACs/Imaging, Data Analytics, Telemedicine, and multiple Electronic Health Records applications. Together, we can achieve better outcomes for patients and your organization.

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We're at the Head of the KLAS

Involta LLC KLAS overall Vendor Score

Involta is honored to announce that it has been KLAS Rated and Reviewed for Partial IT Outsourcing. This designation is a testament to Involta’s commitment to our brand promise and personalized approach that starts with understanding our customers’ needs and earning their trust so our People Who Deliver can ultimately provide Superior Infrastructure and Services and Operational Excellence.

Closer Look at the KLAS Recognition

HITRUST Certified

Involta’s data centers have achieved HITRUST risk-based certifications, underscoring our commitment to protecting client environments and sensitive information. The HITRUST Assurance Program addresses security and data protection challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls, supporting our mission to provide highly secure, industry-leading healthcare cloud solutions.

Making patient-first care easier and more secure

First and foremost, you care about your patients. As your strategic partner, we help you focus on your job by prioritizing healthcare cloud security and making sure technology doesn’t get in the way.

Providing exceptional care is closely tied to reliable technology that meets the industry’s high standards for security and compliance. That’s why we’ve developed a suite of focused healthcare security solutions that work together to support and protect healthcare platforms. Involta Secure was designed to protect IT environments. Involta SecureHealthSM adds Alert Logic’s expert-managed detection and response services to give healthcare organizations an unmatched advantage in IT security.

Involta SecureHealthSM

We make your job easier by offering reliability and protection for your IT infrastructure and data

  • Easy, reliable access to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for patients, physicians and nurses 
  • Safe and secure transmission of EHRs and data
  • Streamlined patient-doctor relationships, reliable patient portals and easier access to telemedicine
  • Easy adoption of medical technology innovations
  • Protection for personal and work mobile devices including laptops, tablets and cellphones
  • Reliable broadband connections to other providers through secure and safe networks
PULSE PlatformSM – Customizable services supporting mission-critical healthcare platforms

A technology platform ready for virtual visits, remote monitoring, data transport and provider collaboration

Involta knows healthcare

We’re invested in healthcare at many levels, helping to shape how digital transformation impacts patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities.

Involta knows technology

Healthcare is in the midst of sea change. Transformational IT and our commitment to deliver come together in our healthcare technology solutions to anticipate what’s next.

Involta knows business

Healthcare is patient-focused, but it’s also a business. We’ve developed and enhanced our solutions and services to help achieve successful outcomes for everyone.

The Vitals

  • Healthcare is 38% of Involta’s business, reaching 13 states and growing
  • Involta’s Healthcare Advisory Board is comprised of leading healthcare executives
  • Involta supports: 11,300+ beds, 12,000+ physicians, 7,000,000+ outpatient visits, 384,700+ inpatient visits, 33,000+ babies delivered, and 113,000+ employees served
  • Leveraging the technology of the Involta PULSE Platform℠ and the Involta CompliantCloud℠
  • Geographically diverse IT expertise 24/7/365
  • ITIL™ based processes
  • 100% SLA data centers
  • 14 strategically positioned national data centers
  • Predictable costs – OpEX vs. CapEX
  • SOC 2 externally assessed

At the forefront of healthcare technologies​

The Involta Healthcare Advisory Board was created in 2015. The Board consists of top healthcare executives and honored guests from across the United States, who gather to discuss current information technology industry trends. Involta’s healthcare mission and vision will continue to be strengthened by the Board’s insights. But our healthcare mission remains constant – to establish Involta as a technology healthcare leader and to grow our healthcare market.

Involta Healthcare Advisory Board