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Involta Awarded Uptime Institute Tier III Design and Constructed Facility Certifications

Akron, Ohio - Involta, LLC, an industry-leading managed IT, cloud computing and data center services company, has been awarded two Tier III certifications from Uptime Institute, a globally recognized authority in data center and IT infrastructure assessment. Both a Tier III Certification of Design Documents and a Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility were awarded to Involta for the Akron II Data Center, Data Hall C in Akron, Ohio.

“Achieving Involta’s first Tier III certifications are a big milestone for the company,” said Ken Kremer, Chief Operating Officer at Involta. “Our entire Akron team was outstanding throughout the certification process. They maintained our high standard of operational excellence while going above and beyond to work with the Uptime Institute.”

Along with engineers, the construction team and vendors, Involta worked closely with Uptime Institute through the design, build and commissioning processes, completing a Custom Solutions Design Review, Tier Certification of Design Documents and Tier Certification of Constructed Facility.

Uptime Institute awards Tier Certification of Design Documents to data centers achieving the highest standards for infrastructure, functionality and capacity as demonstrated on the design documents. To earn a Tier Certification of Design Documents, a facility is evaluated on mechanical, electrical, structural and site elements, and certified facilities also receive expert recommendations to enhance Operational Stability over the long-term.

Tier Certification of Constructed Facility is awarded after achieving a Tier Certification of Design Documents and verifies that a facility has been constructed as designed. This designation is awarded after careful, live system demonstrations in real-world conditions, proving the data center is capable of meeting the defined availability requirements. By ensuring a facility is built to performance capacity, Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification ensures that any deficiencies in design are identified, solved and tested before operations begin. 

About Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute is an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications. Uptime Institute serves all stakeholders responsible for IT service availability through industry leading standards, education, peer-to-peer networking, consulting, and award programs delivered to enterprise organizations and third-party operators, manufacturers, and providers. Uptime Institute is recognized globally for the creation and administration of the Tier Standards & Certifications for Data Center Design, Construction, and Operational Sustainability along with its Management & Operations reviews, FORCSS® methodology, and Efficient IT Stamp of Approval.

Uptime Institute – The Global Data Center Authority®, a division of The 451 Group, has office locations in the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, U.K., Spain, U.A.E., Russia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Uptime Institute is the only entity licensed to rate and certify data center designs according to the Tier Classification System. Independent of any engineer-of-record or manufacturer affiliation, Uptime Institute consulting teams provide the unbiased third-party validation recognized as the preeminent data center credential for more than two decades. 


About Involta

Involta is an award winning national IT service provider and consulting firm. Involta helps organizations plan, manage and execute hybrid IT strategies using a broad range of services including colocation, cloud computing, managed IT, cybersecurity, fiber and network connectivity. Involta has industry-specific services for healthcare, manufacturing, financial and technology that enable compliance and IT transformation initiatives.

Involta maintains partnerships with top tier technology vendors and major public cloud providers such as Cisco, Veeam and Pure Storage, employing a large number of highly certified technical engineers dedicated to building reliable and secure solutions. Through innovative consulting engagements, Involta is able to utilize its unique resources and partnerships to deliver advanced hybrid IT solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of organizations while maintaining the Involta brand promise of Superior Infrastructure, Operational Excellence, and People Who Deliver.