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3 Reasons to Embrace Colocation for 2023



Involta operates 12 data centers and a 12,000 fiber mile network across multiple edge markets across the U.S. We pair our facilities, infrastructure and fiber network to allow Involta clients to think beyond colocation and start solving for the future. When you colocate at an Involta data center, you’ll gain the ability to connect to a wealth of security and service options from Involta.

Working with Involta allows clients to tap over 15 years of expertise in IT transformation and the colocation data center space. From purpose-built infrastructure and high-performance compute to delivering consulting and managed solutions, we pride ourselves on a level of service unmatched in the secondary markets we serve.

Most importantly, long-lasting relationships are the fuel that powers Involta. We are dedicated across all layers of the company to enable our clients to transform their worlds through technology. Colocation sets the foundation for IT excellence, and it is absolutely worth exploring for 2023. Here are three compelling reasons to embrace colocation in the year to come.

#1. Colocation = Cabinet Space to Suit Your Needs

Colocation cabinets deliver an excellent blend of utility and economy in a highly secure facility. They’re a great first step for organizations providing their own IT services within our full-service data center.

Involta designed our data centers to offer a variety of cabinet options that grow as your company grows. Start with what you need, and add space as you expand. It’s really as simple as that. Involta data centers offer:

  • Full and partial cabinets in industry standard sizes

  • Standard full cabinet dimensions: 24” x 48” 42U

  • Power consumption measurement and intuitive energy management system

  • Redundant power connections per cabinet

  • Redundant network connectivity options, including direct connections to hyperscalers

  • Remote and smart hands support

#2. We Offer Customized Tenant Solutions

Looking for private space? We’ve got you covered. Does a multi-tenant shared configuration align with your company’s needs and goals? We’ve got that available, too—all in the same data center. Involta data centers offer a variety of power, network and security options as well, allowing us to custom-create solutions that best fit our clients’ needs.

Our customizations include the following options:

  • Private, public, and hybrid cloud services

  • Managed professional and infrastructure services

  • Direct physical connectivity to providers of long-haul, metro fiber, LEC and CLEC, IP transit, TDM/Voice and VoIP

  • Proximity badge access to secure cage space

  • Cold aisle containment

  • Client-accessible cable trays

  • Contiguous space agreements

#3. Redundancy Protects Your Business

Involta’s purpose-built data centers are concurrently maintainable with a minimum of two separate electrical rooms. This separation—and the automated failover between the two power sources—is key to resiliency and redundancy.

Our data centers also include a compartmentalized mechanical spine that houses HVAC equipment and state-of-the-art cooling systems. It’s also where Involta manages two forms of fire detection and suppression.

With a web of interconnected data centers, each designed strategically to prioritize uptime, Involta’s data center solutions are:

  • Highly secure

  • 100% carrier-neutral

  • Concurrently maintainable

  • ITAR, NIST, and PCI-DSS compliant

  • SOC 1 and SOC 2 externally audited every year

  • HITRUST certified

Ready to Explore Colocation?

For enterprise-class data center and network services, infrastructure management and managed IT solutions, trust Involta. Explore a colocation data center solution from Involta to take your business to the next level in 2023. Contact us to learn more.

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