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A Six-Step Guide to Cloud Transformation


Modern business exists in the cloud and having a strong cloud strategy is an essential component of an overall business plan. Shifting applications to the cloud offers several key benefits: easy access, reliability, collaboration capabilities and more.

Sometimes, taking the first step though is the hardest. Identifying and moving essential application to the cloud isn’t an overnight process and determining if those applications belong in the public or private cloud must be approached strategically. We’ve developed a “6Rs Methodology to cloud transformation” workshop that helps IT staff determine if, how and when to move business-critical applications to the cloud.

  1. Rehost – Move as-is to the cloud
  2. Replatform – Move to the cloud with some improvements
  3. Repurchase – Buy a cloud-based version of the same application
  4. Refactor – Re-architect all or some portion of the application
  5. Retire – Turn off the application
  6. Retain – Keep the application as-is with no modifications

Through our cloud transformation workshop, we will review your applications with you to determine the best strategy for moving each to the cloud, taking into consideration the application complexity, the necessary cloud and cybersecurity toolsets and the current industry best practices.

From there, Involta will synthesize key findings from the workshop into an executive summary and a comprehensive technical white paper with recommendations intended to guide you through the next steps in your company’s cloud transformation. These recommendations will also include the 6Rs Decision Matrix.


If you are interested in learning more, contact us to set up your cloud transformation workshop.

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