Calling All CIOs: Take These 6 Public Cloud Responsibilities Off Your Plate Right Now


In today’s unique world, businesses leverage the cloud more than ever in order to stay competitive. Most organizations are using multi-cloud environments that include some combination of public and private clouds in order to make sure the right workloads are in the right place. While a multi-cloud environment can provide great flexibility, the downside to such a strategy is that it absolutely increases the support need for your organization because each cloud provider that you deal with has their own processes, tools, etc.

It can quickly become overwhelming trying to figure out how to best navigate the public cloud space and ensure your environment is rooted in best practices that follow your public cloud provider standards. And to top it off, maintaining a staff that is an expert in all cloud environments (among all the other expertise you need beyond cloud) can be nearly impossible.

Organizations just cannot go it alone in the technology space anymore. More and more, CIOs are realizing the power of partnerships where they can get access to the experts they need, streamline the management of their environments and off load the day-to-day monitoring and security. Taking advantage of a service like Involta’s AWS Managed Account can free up their teams to focus on projects that drive the business forward.

Whether you’re already working within an AWS environment, or are looking to move towards one, adding AWS Managed Account will ensure proper setup, implementation and maintenance while also easing your workload for the foreseeable future. Here are six tasks AWS Managed Account can take off your plate right now.

  1. Managing your public cloud costs
  2. Documenting the ever-changing AWS infrastructure changes
  3. Necessary daily monitoring of your public cloud for reliability and uptime
  4. Scaling for daily usage
  5. Necessary daily maintenance that ensures the health and wellness of your environment for its lifecycle
  6. Training and maintaining AWS expert staff

About AWS Managed Account Services

The AWS Managed Account service is a safety net for your AWS practice that helps to ensure your cloud infrastructure is prepared to meet your business needs and that you always have the top resources on hand to manage them. Our AWS Managed Account services are scalable based on your business goals and any upcoming changes. Trust everything from initial assessments to quarterly cost optimization reports to Involta, so your team can get back to focusing on your business. We are an advanced consulting AWS partner, and we maintain the certifications and competencies necessary to retain that level of partnership.

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