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Case Study: Involta Supports UPMC with Healthcare Technology Solutions for the Future


UPMC experienced tremendous growth over the course of a decade, leading the healthcare industry in innovation, research and patient care. As patient care delivery had become more dependent on the availability of technology, UPMC realized its on-site data center solutions were becoming outdated. So they launched an initiative to seek out an IT partner that could provide a next generation data center and position UPMC for the future. The result was a UPMC-Involta partnership.

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Executive Summary

  • The healthcare industry is in a state of continuous change, and healthcare systems must weigh investment in advanced technology that drives improved patient outcomes with capital infrastructure, information technology (IT) and data storage solutions.
  • Like many health systems across the country, UPMC faced technology challenges due to change and consolidation, including access to capital, EMR integration, application advancements, managing cost vs. risk and most critically, delivering high-quality patient care.
  • UPMC CIO Edward McCallister and his team diligently compared building a system-owned data center with the Involta solution – they needed an option that leveraged the anticipation of the cloud offerings and operating capital to preserve resources that directly impacted patient care.
  • The decision to partner with Involta provided UPMC with a solution allowing it to focus on its core business while reducing/avoiding costs and risk associated with technology and data storage.

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