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Cloud Backup for Regulated Industries – Involta Backup-as-a-Service


In a time where data breaches can destroy companies in a matter of minutes, protecting critical data is an essential part of business. But when that business also includes personally identifiable information like names, addresses, credit cards or other financial information, private medical data, or protected client IP, it’s not just your business at risk. It’s the lives and livelihoods of others, too.

Veeam’s 3-2-1 Rule for Data Management

Our partner Veeam has advocated for using the 3-2-1 Rule as a general data management strategy for many years. Protect your business against ransomware, cyberattacks, or disasters by having at least three copies of important data, on at least two different types of media, with at least one of these copies being off site (i.e., cloud backups).

While taking the 3-2-1 Rule a step further to include immutable, air-gapped solutions, the general rule has served Involta clients well, especially those in regulated industries like healthcare, finance, technology, and manufacturing. With the appropriate backups, recovery and secure storage options in place, businesses are protected in the event of a disaster or attack.

Clients may still suffer from downtime and the costs associated with getting systems back online, but the files and data necessary for continued operations will be safe and recoverable—and they avoid having to pay a ransom to a cybercriminal, hoping they’ll restore files swiftly, effectively, and completely.

How does Cloud Backup fit in?

The beloved cloud is an important piece of the puzzle. It allows teams to access the programs and data they need, and it provides opportunities for modern, secure backup solutions. Cloud-based Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows a trusted service provider, like Involta, to handle backup requirements for even the most diverse or complicated environments.

By engaging an experienced BaaS provider, clients tap best-in-cass protection for both cloud and physical environments, remote offices, and enterprise applications. Removing this huge responsibility from in-house IT teams relieves the burdens of knowledge and experience gaps, capital expenses, and significant investments of time and resources, which in turn enables teams to focus on day-to-day operations.

Healthcare-Focused Backup-as-a-Service

When a large integrated healthcare delivery system based in Ohio faced challenges to growth and success, they turned to Involta and the Involta PULSESMPlatform for a secure suite of IT services developed specifically for the healthcare industry.

The client needed a storage solution with growth capacity and management. They needed storage with a high level of security, accessibility and cost-effectiveness, and they needed a provider that could address poignant concerns about data protection, internal/external HIPAA and HITECH auditing procedures and potential exposure to penalties.

An Involta PULSESMPlatform solution designed for healthcare solved this client’s dilemma and (spoiler alert) yielded long term financial and operational benefits. The client engaged Involta as a trusted IT partner with a local presence and expertise recognized nationwide. Involta owns and operates a state-of-the-art data center in Akron, Ohio. The facility, like all of Involta’s facilities, is built and operated to meet or exceed rigorous standards of physical and operational security that provide data confidentiality, privacy, availability, and integrity.

Manufacturer Drives Productivity with Backup-as-a-Service

In late July 2015, a torrential storm hit Tucson, Arizona and a local manufacturing company suffered major facility damage. The weight of accumulated water collapsed the roof, knocked out the building’s fire water main and flooded computer and manufacturing areas with up to two feet of water.

The following day, the company’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) showed up at the Involta Tucson facility’s door inquiring whether Involta could get his company’s servers operational by 4:00 P.M. that same day.

Involta delivered.

Involta’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning services minimized disruption to the company’s operations despite major damage to its primary operational facility. When you have the right partners in place, anything is possible.

Finance Leaders Trust Backup-as-a-Service

With the right technology in place, companies in the finance industry can increase productivity, improve security, reduce downtime, and strengthen client service offerings at every level.

As teams become increasingly decentralized with remote employees, what happens if internet connectivity goes down at the height of tax season? Or when teams can’t access the files they need to process transactions efficiently? Or if a company’s wire transfers are targeted in a phishing scam? Unreliable technology and insufficient IT security threaten the future of your entire organization.

Involta’s suite of managed IT solutions is designed to secure backups, improve security, increase connectivity and create redundancies that ensure businesses stay up and running at all times – or can leverage safe, secure backups to bounce back fast after a disaster.

Involta can help transform your company and protect your critical data, so you can get back to the business of doing what you do best. Let’s set a meeting to discuss your IT needs.

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