CloudOps Q&A with Involta’s Enterprise Architect and Principal Cloud Architect


There’s no denying that operating in the cloud can be difficult for many organizations, but you don’t have to go at it alone. We sat down with Involta’s Enterprise Architect, Scott Evers, and Involta’s Principal Cloud Architect, Chad Smale, to discuss Involta’s CloudOps Workshop and how it can help customers more easily design the building blocks of their durable cloud operating model.

Involta’s CloudOps Workshop is a consulting engagement that enables customers to leverage Involta’s superior cloud expertise to assess their current state of business, how cloud and technology infrastructure support the business, and provide critical guidance for navigating potential use cases and understanding which opportunities to consider for future evolution.

How does this workshop help your business?

Nearly every organization operates in the cloud but in many instances, an organization doesn’t know where to start a more cohesive cloud transformation or how it will best benefit their business. Involta has found success working with IT organizations that aren’t cloud versed or cloud savvy – it is our job to be experts here! No matter what point you are on in your path, we can meet you there to assist in developing the right process and knowledge to monitor and optimize your cloud investment spend.

Operating in the cloud is a shift from more traditional on-prem models. Responsibilities warrant an entirely different approach – one that extends well beyond basic IT operations such as patching, monitoring, security, etc. A common pitfall with this approach is treating the cloud-based model as though it is another on-prem data center. This often results in significant cost and sub optimization. The CloudOps Workshop is geared to help you think through those models and approaches – with the outcome being an efficient and effective implementation plan.

What are the benefits of the CloudOps Workshop?

The CloudOps Workshop prepares IT organizations to support applications hosted in cloud and to do so in a cost-effective, reliable, and secure manner. Our team guides your organization through a facilitated multi-day session structured around the basic building blocks of IT, and what the cloud-friendly approach is for your business. During the session, our team covers everything from business outcomes tied to IT, to trade-off considerations that we can help you navigate. You will be armed with the knowledge and roadmap to continue on your cloud journey. And should you find your team requires additional support, we are here to help you “Get There” too.

What makes Involta stand out?

1. Our expert team has been helping organizations accomplish this transition for years. We were early adopters of cloud when these types of services weren’t available in the market and we’ve learned what does and doesn’t work, so you don’t have to.

2. We have strong partnerships with hyperscale and cloud providers. Being an AWS Advanced Partner and Azure Gold Partner gives us the ability to stay on top of best practices and emerging trends to ensure the services we offer are keeping pace with innovation.

3. We are surgical in empowering you to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer, but also provide guardrails to avoid critical mistakes.

What are the most important parts of this service that customers should know?

As you shift from a traditional IT model to a durable cloud operating model in public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, take a step back and ask yourself why you do the things you do as an IT organization? Why do you have firewalls on your network? Or why do you patch systems? If you peel these questions back and work forward, you can find the most effective and efficient use of resources for your cloud environment. This process frees you of doing things the way you have before, and also enables the next phase of your digital transformation.

What are the biggest takeaways from the CloudOps Workshop?

Your team will be encouraged to take a step back and think about what you are trying to achieve rather than how you’ve done things historically. It provides the opportunity to leverage critical thinking and apply the capabilities cloud brings to those requirements. And rather than learning through trial and error, our team will help streamline the process. Involta is here to help you map the plan, and execute internally or with Involta’s managed services to get moving quickly.

Learn how we can help you “Get There” with Involta’s CloudOps Workshop by scheduling a meeting with one of our cloud experts today.

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