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Construction Update | Independence Ohio Data Center


Incredible progress is being made on the Independence Data center. The mild Ohio winter and a seasoned construction team helped mitigate any scheduling conflicts due to weather or other common construction delays.

The Involta Ohio team is preparing for the home stretch. Final equipment delivery and installation are underway, with commissioning and client migration activities just around the corner.

“We are nearing the finish line,” stated Tom Lang, Data Center Manager, Ohio Region. “Soon we’ll be planning for final commissioning, client migration and our grand opening.”

Milestones Met

  • Roof – decking and final seal is complete
  • Data Center – flooring is poured and complete
  • Electrical Equipment – currently being delivered, placed and installed
  • Telecommunications Equipment – currently being delivered
  • HVAC Equipment – onsite and currently being installed

What’s Next

  • Installation of electrical panels and transformers
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Delivery and installation of office siding
  • Installation of data center hall infrastructure

Innovative Airflow Solutions

Our construction team is also preparing to install DataSox™, the innovative, customizable, porous/diffuse fabric ventilation system, developed by Involta with DuctSox®, the leading manufacturer of fabric HVAC air dispersion systems. We’ve seen great success with DataSox in our Marion, Iowa data center, and look forward to opening Independence with top-of-the-line air distribution, reduced sound level and efficient power usage.

Independence Sneak Peek

We’re excited to share this exclusive sneak peek inside the nearly completed data hall. It may look bare now, but it’ll be full up with infrastructure in no time.

20170221_073231_resized.jpgIndependence Data Hall

Independence Data Hall Ceiling

Construction Live Feed

If you’re wondering how quickly a state-of-the-art, concurrently maintainable colocation data center can be built from the ground up, watch our live feed of the construction site and a time-lapse video here: See the Independence live feed now.

Want a closer look at our progress?

We appreciate your interest in the Independence Data Center, and we’d be happy to give you a closer look. Stay tuned to keep track of our construction progress and for more information about the Involta Independence grand opening.

  • Join us for Construction & Conversation – Every Friday at 3:30 PM (by appointment)
  • Get a personal tour of the Independence data center construction site, see the progress for yourself and join us at a local watering hole afterward. Space is limited. Reserve your space now.

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