COVID-19 and its Impact on Healthcare Networks


As the pandemic overpowered healthcare providers across the country, the networks and technologies supporting them became more vital than ever. Hospitals, urgent care facilities and testing sites must be powered with the most resilient and reliable networks so providers can focus on patients, not technology.

On May 8th, Involta’s very own visionary and Chief Information Security Officer, Annalea Ilg, joined industry leaders from around the nation to discuss the impact COVID-19 is having on healthcare networks for JSA’s premier Virtual Roundtable Series. During a critical discussion, Annalea united with other top thought-leaders to share her expertise and provide powerful insight to over 200 attendees.

Roundtable Highlights

Moderated by JSA’s Carl Sketchy, the roundtable explored the top challenges healthcare networks are facing during the pandemic and what advancements need to be made to support the widespread use of telehealth services as we descend into the future. Furthermore, the panel reviewed how data centers like ours play an integral role in supporting healthcare networks, especially during the current COVID-19 landscape. The expert group also discussed how securing the sensitive data shared between staff and applicable patients, mobile and IoT devices like smart beds, tablets, and sensors remains more crucial than ever. Annalea and the panel collectively closed out the roundtable reviewing what lessons will emerge for the healthcare industry, specifically its technology administrators, from this COVID crisis that will help prepare for the journey ahead.


Replay the Roundtable Here!

Post-Virtual Roundtable Chat

After the roundtable, panelists took to LinkedIn to keep the conversation going. Here, attendees interacted with the panelists and took a closer look at the pandemic’s impact. The top questions asked were:

1. On March 27th, Congress passed the CARES act, which extended Medicare coverage for telemedicine. But we’ve also seen a number of hospitals here in America and abroad where IT managers have been caught off guard by the explosion in digital data and a lack of bandwidth. What needs to change? What message does the healthcare sector need to hear?

2. Is there an ideal design for a modern healthcare network architecture that provides high performance and high scalability for the use of various eHealth technologies? Click here to see how the experts answered.

Click Here to See How the Experts Answered!


Involta Knows Healthcare

Involta continues to fight on the front lines with healthcare IT and is devoted to supporting healthcare on many levels. With over 150 healthcare clients across the country, we helped shape, prepare and empower our healthcare clients to weather the coronavirus storm. In addition, with our Involta Healthcare Advisory Board, established in 2015, we continuously discuss the latest information and industry trends to strengthen Involta’s healthcare mission and vision. With innovative data center services supporting platforms for precision medicine, PACs/Imaging, data analytics and electronic records, we achieve healthier outcomes for patients and superior results for organizations throughout the nation.

Thank you to JSA for including our CISO, Annalea Ilg, on this virtual roundtable panel. To watch the full roundtable recording, click here.

To learn more about what Involta is doing to support healthcare IT, including our trusted customizable PULSE Platform that supports mission-critical healthcare platforms, click here.

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