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Up Your Cybersecurity Awareness Training Game with Involta + HacWare


Ransomware is nothing new. We’ve all been reading about it, experiencing it and dealing with the aftermath for the past two decades. What’s changed is the level of sophistication with which ransomware is deployed, and the types of companies targeted.

Short story: threat actors have lots of tools in their tool belts, and they’re using them to attack… any company. It doesn’t matter the size, industry, location or any other factor. All businesses are at risk, and the stakes are high.

Your data holds tremendous value to you and your customers, which means it’s attractive to threat actors, too. When an attack happens, companies that have a data recovery strategy in place fare best. When cybersecurity incident response teams are called in after a security event, they’ll ask the tough questions about your data:

  • What data is essential for continued operations?
  • What data must be recovered?
  • Where is your data stored?

The price tag will be high—for good reason. These hard-working teams will put in long hours to ensure your company is back up and running as quickly as possible after your data and environments have been compromised.

So, rather than spending time and money on recovery, we recommend focusing on prevention. Best to avoid compromising your environment altogether, if possible.


Comprehensive, in-depth security awareness training and practice, practice, practice.

The more exposure your team has to phishing scams and ransomware attacks, the better. When people know what to look for and how to recognize malicious activity, they’re less likely to open suspicious emails, click untrustworthy links and compromise your IT environment.

Next-Level Security Awareness Training: Involta + HacWare

Involta is proud to offer HacWare, an AI-driven cybersecurity awareness and training Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, to improve our clients’ security posture. By combining threat intelligence with user behavior, we’re helping Involta clients improve email security to combat today’s most advanced phishing attacks.

HacWare auto-generates personalized phishing campaigns to keep employees alert and educated. If an employee fails to identify a phishing email and clicks a malicious link, they’re immediately enrolled in an entertaining and informative cybersecurity training session designed to help them better recognize potential email scams.

The simulated, personalized phishing emails generated by HacWare look real. The software draws upon real-world attacks to create emails that look and feel like the real deal, and they work. HacWare learns from user behavior to test employees’ security awareness at random intervals with convincing emails. By following up with tailored training, employees gain experience, learn to identify and avoid ransomware red flags and contribute to a culture of security throughout their organization.

Involta is here to help clients elevate their security awareness training with a full-service HacWare offer. Our team will set up the platform in your environment and provide timely metrics and insight into your team’s performance. HacWare’s intuitive dashboard shows employees’ learning and tracks individual and team progress over time.

We’ll manage the program from start to finish, and you can rest assured that your team is gaining the education and experience they need to protect your company from ransomware attacks.

If you’re interested in testing your team’s ability to identify and avoid phishing scams and ransomware attacks, ask Involta about HacWare today. Contact us to learn more.

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