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Digital Transformation: How do you “Get There?”


Digital transformation has been a hot topic for the past several years. And in that time, we’ve seen organizations in many industries use digital and cloud technology to accomplish everything from improving operational process to creating new business models that drive top-line revenue growth.

Sure, the message of “digital transformation is imperative for every business” can be heard loud and clear in any publication that discusses staying relevant in today’s digital world. But what’s not so clear to most leaders is what digital transformation actually means, as well as how their business can (and should) transform.

Although this blog won’t get too far into the definition of digital transformation, a good high-level description would be this – digital transformation is an ongoing journey that’s all about using technology in strategic and innovative ways to address business challenges or achieve a desired outcome, much like those mentioned in the introduction of this blog.

Even if you aren’t as far along in your digital transformation as you’d like to be, that’s OK because most organizations are in the same boat. Getting there can be incredibly difficult because it requires not only a shared strategy and vision across your organization, but also a strong commitment to change.

In fact, Gartner1 found that “eighty seven percent of business leaders say digitalization is a company priority, yet only 40% of organizations have brought digital initiatives to scale.” If you’re one of the many organizations that’s having trouble getting started or taking the next step in your company’s digital transformation, Involta is here to get you there. As a true Hybrid IT Solutions Provider, we have the people, process, and technology to help you create a more holistic approach to IT that will support and enable your digital transformation efforts, regardless of where you are in your journey.

  • Need help getting started? We offer a variety of assessments and consulting services that will help you understand how you can better manage on-premises technology, how you should use the cloud, what your long-term roadmap should look like, and how you can prepare your organization for change that comes with digital transformation. Our team will help define the strategic outcomes desired from the IT organization and produce a roadmap that outlines how you “Get There.”
  • Need help with executing? We can help you plan and migrate systems, applications, and data to public or private clouds, transition to a hybrid cloud operating model through our cloud services, and even improve the security of your digital assets as you move away from premises-based technology.
  • Need help taking the next step? We can help you understand the TCO of new investments, how you can free up internal resources to focus more on innovation, and use the cloud more effectively to take your digital transformation to the next level.

Schedule a no-obligation meeting with one of our digital transformation experts to discuss your challenges or goals, and get some additional insight into what digital transformation looks like for organizations in your industry.

1Source: Gartner “Digitalization Strategy for Business Transformation,” 2020.

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