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Enabling Hybrid Cloud Connectivity – Introducing Hyperscale Connect


The cloud isn’t a new concept anymore. It’s been around for years and in many ways, it has revolutionized the way we all do business. It’s no longer “nice” or “convenient” to have fast, secure and immediate access to the data you need. It’s essential.

Companies like Microsoft, Google and AWS have played key roles in advancing cloud infrastructure. By constantly testing, experimenting and expanding the possibilities of cloud computing, they’ve paved the way for more businesses to move forward with a digital-first approach.

Cloud Environments – Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid

There is a lot to know about the cloud if you’re going to leverage it effectively for your business. What environment is right for you? Public cloud? Private cloud? Hybrid Cloud? For the sake of education, we’ll take a high-level look at each.

First, there’s the public cloud, which makes technology available over the Internet instead of on-premises. That means companies no longer need to invest in and manage their own IT resources. No hardware. No need to maintain your own servers. Just high-speed, easy-to-access technology that can easily be scaled up or down in accordance with your needs. Note that because this is the public cloud, other users and companies will be accessing the same environments and resources, but the data itself is kept separate.

There’s also the private cloud – an environment very much like the public cloud, but it’s built just for a single business. Private clouds are typically used exclusively by a single organization, usually a corporation or other large business, and are great for organizations with lower risk tolerances or higher security needs. This gives an organization greater control over the environment but also involves an increased level of management.

When companies need both the public and private cloud, they leverage the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud enables organizations to mix private and public cloud environments, making it possible to move workloads to different environments as needed.

The Digital Transformation Shift

Chances are you’re already familiar with these cloud types – you may even be leveraging them in your business already. We wanted to lay the groundwork, so we could dive into how the evolution of cloud computing technology has brought forward a dramatic shift in the way we do business. As business leaders adopt cloud technology, they also undergo a digital transformation. They’re integrating digital technology into their businesses in new and innovative ways that we couldn’t have predicted a few years ago.

Microsoft has pointed out that “to succeed, business leaders must embrace a digital transformation: new ways of connecting people, data, and processes to create value for customers.” It’s not enough to have data. We must gain a deeper understanding of what we’re seeing and use that information to transform customer experiences for the better.

Introducing Hyperscale Connect

The world we live in is increasingly connected in exciting and innovative ways, and cloud environments are making it possible. At Involta, we’ve teamed up with our partner, Megaport, to deliver low latency and secure connectivity to vast, public cloud environments. Together, we’re keeping companies connected and transforming the way we do business with our new product, Hyperscale Connect.

Learn more about Hyperscale Connect.

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Hybrid Cloud – It’s Real and Ready Webinar

A recording of the Hybrid Cloud – It’s Real and Ready webinar, hosted on Wednesday, February 21, is now available. Click here to watch the webinar.

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