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End-to-End Network Security – Without Impacting User Productivity


When it comes to your corporate network, performance demands – and threat levels – have never been higher.

Your network needs to be equipped for intrusion detection and prevention, malware defense, bring-your-own-device culture, remote users who may be using unsecured connections…the list goes on.

And all this needs to be accomplished without hindering the productivity of end users.

Multiple companies have engaged Involta to build secure corporate networks. While the specifics of each implementation varied somewhat based on each company’s needs and existing configurations, this case study provides a composite overview of a secure end-to-end network solution.

The days of throwing up a firewall at your network perimeter and calling it secure are long gone. The “traditional” approach to setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) isn’t holding up so well these days, either.

For one thing, IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) VPN tunnels do not easily support QoS (Quality of Service) for voice and video traffic.

For another, because IPsec does not support broadcast protocols like EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Routing Gateway Protocol) and OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), every new IPsec spoke added to a network requires modifications of the headend firewall and core routing protocols.

Involta takes a different approach. Deploying Cisco products like the FirePOWER Suite, our end-to-end network solution delivers security without hindering end user productivity.

Download the case study now for a detailed look at our end-to-end approach.

Download the Case Study

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