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Five Challenges Healthcare IT Faces


Now, more than ever, the healthcare industry is facing significant challenges in respect to IT infrastructure.

Below is a brief list of what Involta’s Chief Security Officer thinks should be top of mind for anyone in healthcare IT.

1. Avoid Security Breaches
Many healthcare organizations operate in more than one state and have more than one definition of a breach, along with reporting obligations to HHS. In March of 2016 the breach march continued, with 14 more reported breaches and over 268,000 people potentially affected. So why not drill and practice, so as to increase your margin of safety to a breach?

2. Avoid Data Loss
Why isn’t backup a priority task? Does the new guy/gal have it? Why aren’t folks taking advantage of technology capabilities to reduce data loss? Is your data protection growing as fast as your data?

3. Avoid Reputational Risk
Don’t let “bitcoin” and your healthsystem’s name appear together. Don’t let “ransomware” make the headlines in your hometown newspapers. Have your press release practiced and ready.

4. Demonstrate Meaningful Use – Securely!
Compliance – it’s the law! Six years of retention. Reimbursements. Reporting of clinical results means room for error in privacy.

5. Integrate with Accountable Care Organizations – Securely!
Many clinical connections. Only 31 flavors of ice cream but 33 categories of reporting. Its’ about the data, but only in the right formats and only in the right hands!

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