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Get Ready for Secure, Scalable Enterprise Colocation From Involta


Involta data centers have set industry-leading security, redundant power and climate control standards for nearly 20 years. Today, we stand as a nationwide provider that empowers clients to harness the power of big-player results—without sacrificing the grounded, customized approach of a trusted regional hybrid IT partner.

We’re proud to enhance our hybrid IT infrastructure offerings by introducing enterprise colocation. Your business is unique—and your digital transformation requires the right infrastructure ingredients provided by a trusted partner. Involta’s collaborative, consultative approach to enterprise colocation matches your workload and application requirements with the appropriate facilities, security and fiber connectivity necessary to drive successful business growth. 

When We Say Purpose-Built, We Mean It

Involta builds our facilities from the ground up to provide secure enterprise colocation for any industry at every scale. Our data centers are strategically located in geographic safe zones and monitored 24/7/365 to provide industry-leading secure storage for your critical business data and processes while cutting the costs of owning, staffing and maintaining such a facility independently.

We’re RackReadySM, HallReadySM and BuildReadySM in edge markets across the country. Whether you need a single data rack or are ready to occupy your own data center, our team is ready to match you with the environment that will take your business further.


RackReadySM  The rack space you need, available for immediate occupancy. Learn More



HallReadySM  When rack space isn’t enough, leverage an entire data hall. HallReady colocation is available for immediate build-out, with a deployment time of 16-18 months. Learn More



BuildReadySM  Yes, we can build a data center just for you. Whenever and wherever you’re BuildReady, so are we. Learn More


Trust Involta to Understand Your Industry’s Needs

The best hybrid IT environment varies from one industry to another. Involta’s decades of experience creating secure data center IT environments allow us to anticipate where your industry is heading. We unlock limitless possibilities for your business by continually enhancing our skills, services and facility infrastructure.

Technology Partnerships Deliver Better Healthcare Outcomes

Involta knows healthcare, we know technology and we understand the challenges you face. First and foremost, you care about your patients. As your strategic partner for enterprise colocation, we’re dedicated to helping you make patient-first care easier and more secure through our innovative data center solutions that support healthcare platforms for Precision Medicine, PACs/Imagery, Data Analytics, Telemedicine and multiple Electronic Health Record applications. Our colocation uptime exceeds HIPAA and industry standards.

Since 2017, Involta has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center (UPMC) to optimize its colocation experience. UPMC experienced tremendous growth over the course of a decade, leading the healthcare industry in innovation, research and patient care, and realized its on-site data center solutions were becoming outdated as healthcare became increasingly reliant on technology. By partnering with Involta, UPMC obtained a BuildReadySM enterprise colocation solution that provided the security and availability the healthcare industry demanded. Plus, our expanding cloud offerings and highly-skilled support staff have created a scalable environment that will meet UPMC’s needs for the foreseeable future.

Read the full UPMC case study here.

Achieve better outcomes for your patients and your organization. We’ll make sure technology doesn’t get in the way.

Resilient and Secure Solutions for Finance

In the fast-paced finance industry, cutting-edge IT infrastructure is essential because when you’re operating with outdated IT, you can’t compete. Involta offers carrier-neutral, interconnected data centers that deliver the speed, security, privacy and resilience your industry and clients require, with 100% uptime.

Our purpose-built data centers are designed for performance and compliance. They set the standard for redundant power and climate control and provide the physical and digital security vital to your mission-critical services. All our data center facilities are located in geographic safe zones and are hardened with multiple layers of security. Your data and your customers’ sensitive information are protected according to stringent security procedures by our industry-trained experts.

Involta’s Finance Advisory Board, composed of executives and industry experts from leading financial institutions, keeps us at the forefront of technological innovation. In turn, financial service clients can leverage best-in-class technology and hybrid IT solutions to improve their critical business operations.


More Than Colocation

Involta data centers are community-builders, enabling growth through access to best-in-class IT storage, security and managed services. Our local teams are dedicated and deeply connected to the communities we serve, and our data centers create sustainable jobs and support ongoing economic growth and prosperity for businesses in every sector.

Our team is ready to help you unlock limitless possibilities through enterprise colocation. Get started today.

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