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Have You Heard About DRaaS?


Have you heard about DRaaS? It’s the first real game changing technology that has hit the market in the last 15 years.

Below are two examples of how Involta has used DRaaS to improve both the efficiency and cost of clients’ disaster recovery plans.

Client #1
Background: Financial Institution that was replicating 25 of its key production servers by sending them from their production center to Involta’s Westerville Data Center.
Problem: Tests on the system were taking too long. Recovery time was around 1.5 hours.
Solution: Involta moved them onto the Involta Cloud Storage system using Involta compute and VMware.
Result:Testing on the system was cut by 84%. Recovery time was down to 5 minutes. They were also able to initialize all 24 machines in a sandbox and do testing anytime. They were also able to cut their costs by 72%.

Client #2
Roofing company had bought colocation services, bandwidth and physical equipment from Involta to do its own disaster recovery.
Problem: The company spent three months unsuccessfully trying to replicate one server.
Solution: Involta determined that the product the company was using was causing the problem. Involta moved the environment into its cloud and used Involta’s DRaaS product and storage.
Result: The company was able to replicate all 10 of its servers over one weekend. The DRaaS was also more cost-effective than the original product the company was trying to use.

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