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How Will You Handle a Cyber Security Attack?


How much is your social security number worth to you? On the dark web, it’s being sold for just $1. It only costs a hacker $7/hr to DDoS someone, $150 to buy your healthcare data and $150 to buy mobile malware and push it to your phone. Hacking is cheap and easy, protecting yourself and your business from getting hacked takes some work and cleaning up after you’ve been breached can be so expensive your business may never recover. Companies have spent $121 billion so far in 2018 on cleaning up breaches.

How a company handles a breach is really important. Most don’t do it correctly and get fined, others try unsuccessfully to hide it, but the scariest thing is that most breached companies don’t know the cause of the breach – which means, most companies aren’t using monitoring tools or have any security measures in place.

Having access to monitoring, analysis, response and advisory tools can help a company stop a breach from happening or minimize the impact of one that has already occurred. Involta’s new Security Operations Center (SOC) is providing organizations the armor they need to protect against cyber security threats. Check out our video below to learn more.


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