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Innovation in Action: Changing the Game in Data Center Cooling


Each data center has an ecosystem all its own. Information technology equipment emits heat as it runs, but excessive heat and humidity could irrevocably damage the equipment assets – not to mention the important data stored within.

At Involta, we take every precaution to ensure our facilities operate with optimum heat and humidity levels, ensuring the safety and security of both equipment and data.

Proper airflow is critical to performance. That’s why we partnered with DuctSox®, the leading manufacturer of fabric HVAC air dispersion systems to find a better, more efficient way to improve airflow in our facilities.

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We worked closely with DuctSox’s R&D engineers to design an advanced air distribution system for equipment rack cooling. The result was DataSox™, the industry’s first customizable, porous/diffuse fabric ventilation system. DataSox is a porous, round fabric HVAC diffuser system that distributes air into data center cold aisles effectively and efficiently.

DataSox manages airflow surrounding high-density IT equipment with advanced directional spot-cooling capabilities. This has increased energy-efficiency in our data centers and has dramatically decreased costs. DataSox distributes at 400 cubic feet per minute, ensuring that air velocities do not upset critical equipment air intake while greatly reducing the volume of entrained air from hotter regions.


We’ve replaced metal ductwork with DataSox at our Marion, IA facility. The results were astounding – 40% reduction in airflow with improved air distribution and consistent cool temperatures. Reduced air turbulence made it easier for fans to draw and distribute air, allowing for more energy-efficient cooling. We also noticed reduced sound levels, more efficient power usage and reduced bottom-line costs.

Ultimately, the retrofit reduced the facility’s electric utility costs by 80,000-kWhr/month.

We’ve changed the game in data center cooling. Because of the enormous success and dramatic improvement, we will be incorporating DataSox into all newly-built data centers and retrofitting our existing facilities.

Learn more about what we’re up to at Involta by contacting your local data center team.

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