Introducing Involta Insights


Over the years, technology has revolutionized cloud services management. But, at Involta, people still DRIVE results.

Involta Insights, our all-new VLOG series, was created to showcase the visionaries and ambassadors of Involta’s world-class team. From providing clients with the power to transform their technology to supporting local community events and launching charitable initiatives through our Involta Cares program, our team is what makes us thrive!

During each exciting episode of Involta Insights, we will hear from key members of our award-winning team about how they are bringing their visions to life for the benefit of our customers and the industry as a whole.

“Servers aren’t great at relationships. Good thing our team is.”


Our first installment of Involta Insights takes us to Denver, Colorado, as we hear from Involta’s newly-appointed President, Jim Buie. Hosted by Barb Mitchell, EVP of JSA, we get up close and personal with Jim as he talks about his role, Involta’s company culture, and what sets us apart from other data centers.

Watch our inaugural episode of Involta Insights featuring Jim Buie, President of Involta!



Be sure to check back next month as we take Involta Insights to our Cedar Rapids, Iowa location to speak with Michelle Bates, Involta’s Chief Innovation Officer.

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