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Involta Announces Launch of New Technology Service


Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Involta, LLC, an industry-leading hybrid IT, cloud computing and data center services company, is happy to announce the launch of Involta Hybrid Cloud. This new technology service is part of the company’s cloud technology services expansion and a result of the company’s more focused emphasis on personalized client management.

Involta Hybrid Cloud (IHC) is a platform that connects a company’s multi-cloud environment enabling a single, easy-to-use cloud provisioning and management system. It allows a company’s IT department to optimize its cloud service experience over a blend of cloud infrastructure locations and vendors by delivering automated control and deployment of resources.

“Today’s business lives in multi-cloud environments that combine solutions across the public cloud, private clouds and hybrid clouds. But companies struggle deciding what belongs where and optimizing the use of their environments to meet changing organizational needs,” said Bruce Lehrman, Involta founder and CEO. “Involta Hybrid Cloud allows companies the ability to manage all of their cloud infrastructure in one convenient place and respond rapidly to organizational changes.”

Involta Hybrid Cloud brings standardization and ease of use to a company’s multi-cloud environment. The IT department can now centrally control varying workloads, instantly expand or decrease compute and storage needs, automate patching, monitoring and backup schedules and standardize functions like security measures and billing.

“One of the biggest problems our clients experience is around their ability to scale management of cloud workloads,” Lehrman said. “IT staffs are being asked to fill infrastructure requests quicker, coordinate resources and security and move more workloads to the cloud without the tools needed to optimize tracking, usage, and costs in a multi-cloud world. With Involta Hybrid Cloud, the size of an organization’s IT department is no longer a limitation when it comes to managing a multi-cloud environment.”

Involta will be offering this new service in all of its markets nationwide. The company will continue to launch new cloud-centric technology services in 2018 as well as expand its PULSE PlatformSM healthcare and security services.

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