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Involta Attends Google Next’19


Google Next ‘19 finished up last week with a total of 30,000+ attendees, 500+ sessions and 400+ customer speakers. Although there were numerous take-aways from the event, we at Involta gauged the following as big changes that our clients and industry will be looking towards.


Here are five key elements that we see as drivers for Google and its range of offerings:

  • The Anthos platform drives DevOps commonality across the multi-cloud environment (including on-premise). It allows for using the same APIs and DevOps code to really drive uniformity regardless of what lives underneath.
  • Google continues to catch up to AWS & Microsoft Azure with their ever-expanding cloud offerings and tools. This continues to drive not only small business and startups but also large enterprises.
  • Google is continuing to offer additional products and capabilities to clients that are looking for user enablement with capabilities such as big query searches in Google Sheets and AppMaker.
  • There is a wildly apparent focus on the part of Google to provide rich user interfaces (UIs) on the front of its tool sets allowing for a low entry point for the user experience and expanding usability.
  • Google is continuing to develop and be a visionary leader in DevOps automation, allowing for consistency in environments along with building those environments out with pure code. This allows for organizations to better utilize the resources they have, thus saving time and money.

Another unique take away is that, like Involta, Google values and creates partnerships. It facilitates open-source software solution usage and fosters relationships for continued adaptions into its ecosystem to enrich its offerings. Just as Involta looks to our vendors to enrich our service offerings. We value partnerships with public cloud leaders such as Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure as it allows us, along with our private CompliantCloudsm to assist organizations in their varying stages of their cloud journey.


Overall, Google Next ‘19 was a success and a valuable opportunity advance our expertise in the public cloud space.

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