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Involta – Becoming a VMware Zero-Carbon Committed Provider


When Involta was founded in 2007, sustainability was not a driving factor in the technology sector. There was no roadmap for reducing carbon emissions. There was no path toward a greener data center. Our founders had something else in mind. They understood the importance of sustainability and made incremental, everyday improvements that focused on energy efficiency and conscious business emissions that moved Involta toward net zero.

We recently released our first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Report in 2022, which details our approach to ESG and accounts for the issues that matter most to our industry and stakeholders. Long before ESG was a mainstream movement, Involta embodies its core principles into our business, prioritizing strong leadership and strategy, minimizing our environmental footprint and caring for our people. 

Our commitment to sustainability is underscored by our choice of strategic partners. We’ve worked with VMware as a Cloud Verified partner for many years, a relationship that has helped us reimagine and grow our cloud solutions to align with the evolving needs of modern business. VMware’s cloud, networking and security, and digital workspace offerings provide a dynamic and efficient digital foundation to global customers.

We’re proud to announce we’ve taken our relationship to the next level to become a VMware Zero Carbon Committed (ZCC) provider. This designation aligns with and supports our work toward increased sustainability in the data center space which, in turn, helps our clients achieve their net zero goals. 

VMware’s ZCC initiative will help Involta transform into a true sustainability partner for our clients. Through renewable energy procurement and other carbon offset reduction programs, being a ZCC provider will enable us to deliver services that address the evolving landscape of business challenges while simultaneously helping our customers meet their environmental goals for zero carbon emissions.

Our sustainability commitments and ESG work were essential to earning this designation with VMware. We know that our clients are working toward sustainability goals of their own, and we’re proud to support their important work by continually driving change and efficiency in the technology sector. 

By their very nature, data centers are energy consumers, using nearly 1% of global electricity demand and contributing to 0.3% of the CO2 emissions in the world, according to the International Energy Agency. And as businesses continue along their digital transformation journeys, they’ll generate more data, which requires more power. It is essential that data center providers work diligently to achieve net zero goals, doing our part to drive a more sustainable and efficient future for all.


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