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Involta Cares About Meals On Wheels and Driving Transformation


Involta’s mission statement “Driving Transformation through innovative planning, execution and management of Hybrid IT Strategies” is lived out every day through our employees and the services we provide. Expanding that mission to the communities we work in is as important to Involta as using it to drive the work we do. As part of our Sales Kickoff 2019, we dedicated time towards community impact activities. The most inspiring activity of the week was with Sofia Mehaffey and the Meals On Wheels program.

Involta was lucky enough to host Mehaffey, Community Health and Nutrition Director at Horizons in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as a guest speaker at our Involta SKO 2019 event. Mehaffey is a Forty-Under-40 award winner and has been features in Words From Working Women. She shared with us her very personal and heartwarming story of struggle as a single mother, living on federal assistance, government housing assistance and food stamps to ensure her children had warm meals to eat.

After making a decision to change her life, Sofia went back to school and became the first person on her mother’s side of the family to attend college. She started at Kirkwood, then graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Iowa. In 2013 she completed her MBA at Mount Mercy. Mehaffey’s story was a reminder of how important it is for Involta to care about the struggles happening in our communities and the impact we can have by just doing our part as a member of these communities.


During Mehaffey’s visit, the Involta staff participated in a team building event creating race tracks out of the cereal boxes and hosting remote control car races. It was an opportunity for us to take a literal approach to our mission statement. Afterwards, we donated the cereal and other items to the Meals On Wheels program. The entire experience was a great reminder that continued “drive” equates to transformation in Involta, with our clients and in the communities around us. With dedication and motivation, transformation is achievable, no matter the circumstances.


Mehaffey’s personal story along with her work at Elder Services were a good reminder that Involta has a role to play in our communities that extends beyond the business of technology. We will continue to grow our Involta Cares program and instill its mission into our employees.

Read more about Sofia Mehaffey’s personal drive to transformation here in the Corridor Characters.

About Involta Cares

Driving transformation starts with our community impact and dedication to those around us. Involta Cares has strived to impact its local communities across the US. From planting trees to volunteer firefighting and everything in between, Involtians are People Who Deliver on every level.

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