Involta Cares: Spotlight Interview with Aaron Biro


Where did you volunteer? What did you do?

Oak Hill Collaborative – Youngstown, OH. The Oak Hill staff asked if we would be able volunteer our time by laying mulch around the landscaping area next to their office and clean up around the trees. The mulch was donated by a local business and tools were provided to trim the trees, weed whack, and rake the area. The areas we cleaned up were used for Oak Hill’s vendor workspace that took place on Saturday 08/27 for the Youngstown community.

What was your favorite part of volunteering at Oak Hill Collaborative?

The results. A lot of hard work went into those two hours, and we could see the difference that we made as a team. I am proud of our volunteers for accepting this challenge and leaving a great impression on a local non-profit organization a few miles away from our Youngstown office! Big thanks to Justin Carney, Justin Halloran, Jeremiah Felton, and Donna Hutz!

What are your thoughts on our Involta Cares initiative?

Something that everyone should try! Anybody can put together an activity day like I did and be a Volunteer Ambassador! If there is a non-profit organization or a cause that is important to your community, then reach out and get engaged! It is easier than you think, and your community needs volunteers like us!

How does this make you think of the world differently?

This experience made me understand how important volunteers are for a community and that they are truly in low supply. For Involta to enable their employees to participate in volunteer activities is an amazing opportunity that every location should take advantage of. The staff of Oak Hill was grateful for the work that we put in for this outdoor activity and I could tell that they have had a hard time finding people that were willing to volunteer. We made a difference and I am happy that I was able to share this experience with my co-workers.


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