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Involta Cares: Spotlight Interview with James Carter


Where did you volunteer?

Parent Aid

What did you do?

I assisted with scanning family engagement records from paper files into the management system for long term storage and ease of reference.

What was your favorite part of volunteering at Parent Aid?

Just knowing what we did will help families in the future create and foster happy family ties and keep a healthy home for everyone.

What are your thoughts on our Involta Cares initiative?

I truly enjoy helping my community and having an employer that embraces the need for everyone to do their part to help others.

How does this make you think of the world differently?

Volunteering boosts our social connection and sense of belonging to a community. Many non-profit organizations run on very tight budgets and by sharing my free time, it uplifts my spirit and hopefully those who truly need assistance. If everyone gave just a small portion of their time, the impact would be immense. I do what I can to set an example for others as well as improve my personal spirit by helping others, which makes me look at the world in a different way as someone who cares and is open to being there for others. I think one of the best parts of volunteering is a simple few hours offered to assist in any way. That short amount of time can help so many people and it’s simply something that lifts my spirit. It’s wonderful to do something unselfish and from the heart, and to be there for someone you may never meet. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve made a small impact that may change another person or a family’s lives in a positive way.


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