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Involta Cares: Spotlight Interview with Michael Campbell


Where did you volunteer? What did you do?

We volunteered at the Idaho Foodbank in 2021. We organized and boxed food donations.

What was your favorite part of volunteering at the Idaho Foodbank?

My favorite part of our time there was being able to unplug from the world for a couple hours and perform physical labor to help others. It really recharges the batteries. We met great people who we wouldn’t have met if we had not volunteered. I also loved working with Involta team members and bonding outside of Involta.

What are your thoughts on our Involta Cares initiative?

I believe the Involta Cares initiative can and will become a cultural standard within the organization. Helping those less fortunate in our communities is on all of our minds. I challenge all of Involta to get involved. This isn’t a photo op. This is just people trying to do good in the world with the support of Involta.

How does this make you think of the world differently?

I feel like volunteering has made me think differently of myself as I pertain to the world. In the past, I’ve always “wanted” to volunteer but could never “find” the time. You see, I’m somewhat of a habitual procrastinator with a little ADD sprinkled in (please don’t tell Tom Lang). In 2021, I decided to start doing and stop making excuses.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

Do not wait for change to happen. A lot of people and animals are hurting and need help. So, I said to myself, “I should help,” and I did through our Involta Cares program.

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