Involta Cares: Spotlight Interview with Tracy McNally


As part of our community engagement through Involta Cares, it’s our mission to lend a helping hand to organizations in need – and we’ve been doing just that. Over the past few years, our team members have volunteered in the communities in which they live and work trying to better the issues that impact quality of life. When COVID-19 spread around the world, it became harder to contribute in person, but now we’re back volunteering in full force with a dedicated team of Volunteer Ambassadors.

We believe volunteering is more important than ever before, so we’ve decided to turn on the spotlight to one of our volunteers each quarter to demonstrate the impact of volunteering and how much it means to the communities we serve. Let’s share in the happiness and good vibes volunteering brings, together. This quarter’s Involta Cares Spotlight interview is with Tracy McNally.

Where did you volunteer? What did you do?

I volunteered at Making Kids Count (MKC), making blankets for children in the area and worked with my team to paint the breaker wall between the grandstand and the tack at the Canfield Fair, in Canfield Ohio. In the next couple weeks, I will be packing goody bags for participants in the upcoming Panerathon in Youngstown, Ohio on Sunday, October 3rd.

What was your favorite part of volunteering at the Canfield Fair?

I loved helping the community alongside my co-workers. It felt amazing knowing we made a difference after our volunteer day was complete.

What are your thoughts on our Involta Cares initiative?

The Involta Cares initiative is a great way to communicate with my co-workers outside of work. It creates a special kind of bond. You really get to know someone when they are in a natural setting.

How does this make you think of the world differently?

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. When I think about giving, I think about how rewarding it makes me feel. I’m so blessed and grateful and I love to share.


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