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Involta Earns New Certifications


Involta is proud to announce that it has earned two Data Center Facilities Operations Manager (CDFOM) certifications. These certifications are due to the hard work of the company’s data center managers who went through rigorous training to become certified on behalf of Involta. The CDFOM certification exposes participants to in-depth knowledge in managing data center operations.

The course topics included:


  • Data Center Operations Team
  • Vendor Management
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Managing Safety and Statutory Requirements
  • Service Level Agreement Management
  • Managing Physical Security
  • Managing Daily Data Center Operations
  • Capacity Management
  • Cable Management
  • Data Center Cleaning and Pest/Rodent Control
  • Data Center Monitoring and Automation
  • Managing Documentation and Archives
  • Equipment Life Cycle Management

Involta’s Data Center team is focused on continuing efforts to improve processes and procedures. The team will continue its training program with the Liebert DSE CRAC units training and physical access security training. The team is also currently learning about the latest UPS battery technology that is being used in all of Involta’s data centers today and testing various provider solutions in the DCIM market.

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