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Involta Insights: An Exploration of Customer Experience


Despite the challenges that the past year brought, innovation has not only persisted — it has accelerated. As digital transformations ramped up in response to global restrictions, it became clear that powerful technology was at the core of business continuity. The biggest hurdle may be behind us, but now is the time to focus on ongoing customer experience and support. This aspect of business is key for ensuring organizations can move beyond yesterday’s challenges while remaining ready for 5G, IoT and the edge revolution.

In this latest Involta Insights episode, our own Vice President of Client Experience, Lucas Mistelske, caught up with host Laura Noland, Vice President of Account Strategy at JSA, to discuss the customer experience and why it’s more important than ever. Mistelske, who has led two data center builds (in Independence, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA) and two Uptime Institute Tier III Certifications for the company, delivers key insights into meeting evolving needs.

Shaping a Culture of Promise

Mistelske, a 9-year Involta veteran, stresses the importance of company culture as a springboard for customer-facing excellence. Within the company, he has been on a mission that, in his own words, “boils down to [the] brand promise.” This means providing operational excellence driven by people who can be counted on to deliver.

At the heart of Involta is our people — they are the engine that drives all the day-to-day operations, guiding clients as they complete long-term and short-term goals. Orchestrating IT transformations, delivering hybrid cloud solutions, and providing data center services is a serious business — especially in the wake of 2020. However, keeping that engine running in peak condition means ensuring that employees are enjoying their work and the people they work with. Maintaining this balance is essential, and it will continue to serve as a core element of Involta’s operations going forward.

Improving Customer Success From the Inside Out

So, how do these inward-facing company strategies reflect outwardly to generate success for the customer? In essence, a dedication to the brand promise and a nurtured workforce create grit and perseverance that work hard for the client without exception.

Metrics serve as an important tool for measuring Involta’s outward success — and the success of its clients. For example, Mistelske recalls the service desk’s dedication to resolving any tickets that may come through its pipeline, the vast majority of which are able to be resolved seamlessly on behalf of the customer. Meanwhile, any remaining tickets show where there is an opportunity for customer service to improve and be re-tooled. Challenge resolution is an aspect of the business that is watched and monitored not only for fulfillment, but for speed — a necessary aspect of today’s digital world. With these methods in place, both the client and the Involta team see a return on investment.

What Can Clients Expect in the Future?

Contrary to what some may say, the data center is not in decline. If this past year has shown us anything, it’s that the data center is a crucial enabler of mission-critical communications — and this role will remain strong. That said, Mistelske notes, “I think data centers mean different things to different people.” To Involta and its customers, these facilities stand as a central point from which business innovation can grow. As we forge ahead in 2021, this narrative should focus not on the data center itself but on the legacy IT strategies some are using that no longer suit an evolving world.

To learn more about how Involta empowers excellent customer experiences, don’t miss this latest edition of Involta Insights. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes as we continue to learn and advance in 2021. For more information about how Involta can help your businesses at the edge, click here.

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