Involta Insights: Closing out 2020 with an Edge


As one of the most challenging years in history comes to a close, Involta moves full steam ahead to the edge. Entering 2021, our mission to help customers “Get There,” especially in today’s ever-evolving, digital landscape, has never been more critical. Edge, innovation, and transformation, driving our vision, has taken on a new meaning as we empower organizations with the ability to stay competitive, connected, and prepared for the future.

Spearheading our edge strategy are Scott Evers, and Ryan Shultz, Involta’s Enterprise Architects. For our latest Involta Insights episode, this dynamic duo sat down with host Laura Noland, Vice President of Account Strategy, JSA, for an in-depth conversation around one of the hottest topics today. From the coming advent of 5G wireless networks to how edge data centers will enable new technologies and innovations, the pair provided decisive thought leadership into the current and future state of the emerging edge.

The Ups and Downs of the Edge

With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience designing tailored solutions for enterprises across the country, Ryan and Scott zoomed in on why operating at the edge is the ultimate solution to well-defined challenges such as ultra-low latency, physical access to hardware, and rapidly moving massive amounts of data. What’s more, Ryan took a deeper dive into why connectivity is so vital and how having it close to the edge in micro data centers is a game-changer.

Scott didn’t hold back when it came to talking about the obstacles operating at the edge present in today’s reality. Taking the conversation to hyperscale cloud, Scott discussed how organizations are forced to leave a plethora of services on the table that currently don’t exist at the edge today. As Involta works aggressively behind-the-scenes to deliver these services at the edge, Scott provided his prediction for what’s ahead and how we will see increased homogeneity, where hyperscale services and rapid innovation get distributed at the edge. Therefore, providing a consistent operating technology stack between the edge and hyperscale data centers.

Brighter Days Ahead

As the world slowly heals from the pandemic, the edge moves sharply ahead. With the launch of our final episode of Involta Insights for the year, we look forward to brighter days ahead filled with more cloud, edge and innovation. Looking back at this past year, we must acknowledge what our team rapidly accomplished. From expanding our data centers in Pittsburgh and Cleveland to meet customer demands to accelerating edge deployments across healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, and more, we couldn’t be more proud of our team, and the Edge to Innovation achieved.

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